Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea Collection

While the Darlie x Hello Kitty collaboration gave us bowls for home-cooked meals, there is now another Hello Kitty collection for fans that are perfect for enjoying a tea break. This collection includes the Hello Kitty character on glassware such as glass cups, a cold bottle and a dessert tray set. 

Sanrio fans who are hoping to expand their collection, here’s another chance for you to do so.

Glass cups

In this afternoon tea collection, you’ll find 2 glass cups ‒ one for you and your bestie to clink together over a catch-up session. Both of the goblet-shaped cups feature illustrations of a Hello Kitty character highlighted in gold against a black background. 


The glass cup on the left shows Hello Kitty wearing a pink dress while giving a wink, whereas the one on the right has a closeup of Hello Kitty’s face. Below both illustrations, you’ll also find “Hello Kitty” in gold italics. 

Cold bottle

All of us tend to store water in plain tumblers in the fridge. Now, you can add a lil’ bit of sophistication and kawaii vibes when you store water using this Hello Kitty bottle. 

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The cold bottle is packaged in a black box with a handle on top, making it a sleek gift when you attend a housewarming party. 

On the cold bottle itself, you’ll find a design of Hello Kitty showing off confidence with her head tilted while her hands are on her hips ‒ as if telling us that she’s the prettiest kitty in town. 


Plus, it comes with a wooden cap decorated with another design of Hello Kitty. This cover will secure your bottle tight, ensuring there won’t be any accidental spillage. 

Glass dessert tray set

I personally love when desserts are served on aesthetically-pleasing plates or bowls. With this Hello Kitty glass dessert tray set, your guests will have something extra to look forward to, when you use it to serve freshly-cut fruits or kuehs.  


The set includes 2 glass crockery, complete with a design of Hello Kitty’s signature red ribbon at the side.

Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea CollectionSource

On the left corner of the wooden tray, you’ll also find Hello Kitty doing a curtsy while holding the edges of her dress. 

Have A Cute Afternoon Tea Session With This Hello Kitty Collection

For now, all of the items in the Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea Collection are only available for those residing in Taiwan through Taiwan 7-11. If you’re planning to get them, you might want to look out for freight services that ship to Singapore or stay tuned to e-commerce sites that might carry the collection soon.

For more Hello Kitty merchandise, check out the Hello Kitty x Pusheen collection. 

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