Hermès X Ben Denzer Vegetable Birkin Bags

14 June is World Cucumber Day, so it’s only fitting that fashion brand Hermès has teamed up with New York-based designer Ben Denzer to create bags made out of what else, vegetables. With 3 designs, these will be perfect for anyone who loves their greens.

It’s not the first time the luxury goods manager has come up with quirky collabs either, blessing us with makeup products and bespoke mahjong sets before. Read on to find out more about these vegetable Birkin bags.

The designs

hermes vegetable bag - cucumber

The Birkin bag has been synonymous with the French brand, easily costing anywhere between US$8,500 to a whopping US$2 million. Its sleek design and signature bag tag have proven to be a hit among many, becoming an aspirational wardrobe staple among females.

hermes vegetable bag - cabbage

Teaming up with designer Ben Denzer, Hermès’ collaboration makes the unimaginable reality, with 3 designs of vegetable Birkin bags. There are 3 designs to be awed by: cucumber, cabbage and asparagus.

The cucumber and asparagus bags take on more of a similar shape to the classic bag complete with a makeshift buckle. The cabbage version however, has more of a generic purse shape, made with leeks as its handles.

hermes vegetable bag - asparagus

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The process

hermes vegetable bag - asparagus

Ben Denzer has also taken to his Instagram to share the manufacturing process of how these vegetable Birkins came to life. A peek at his posts makes it seem like a typical kitchen prep for dinner, except that his culinary creations are a snacc for fashionistas instead.

cutting cucumber

In the behind the scenes photos, it’s clear that many intricate details are taken into consideration when creating these bags, with reference sheets of real Birkins spotted. We’re not sure if Birkin-connoisseur Jamie Chua  approves, though. 

vegetable bag photoshoot

Fruit Birkin Bags

apple bag

Besides vegetable bags, the artist also attempted fruit versions of Birkin bags, although these didn’t manage to make the cut – likely due to their weight not being able to hold as functional pieces.

banana bag

2 outtakes were shared online – apple and banana. While these didn’t come to fruition, they just might make a surprise comeback in the future. 

The Hermès X Ben Denzer Vegetable Birkin Bags Are Unbe-leaf-able

No prices or details on how you can get your hands on one of these vegetable Birkin bags have yet to be revealed, but there will likely only be limited quantities if they’re eventually available to the public. Until then, we’ll have to make do with just feasting our eyes on them. 

All images courtesy of Source / Ben Denzer.

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