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Zula Team Tries: Itoh Hanako Sapphire White Collagen Drink

As a teen, skin troubles beyond acne were never a major concern in my books. Going out in the sun for long hours or staying up late to play games? I never thought that those would lead to long-term consequences — after all, you only live once. 

As it turns out, adulthood isn’t all that fun, especially when it comes to experiencing signs of age such as wrinkles, uneven skin and dark spots. Nobody told me growing up meant that I had to deal with these problems.

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

With these skin concerns on my mind, Itoh Hanako Sapphire White entered my life like a knight in shining armour. Instead of the typical skincare products we apply directly onto our skin, this new whitening collagen drink is formulated with 6 powerful ingredients that solve a variety of skin concerns. The secret weapon? White tomato extract.

Challenged to drink 1 bottle a day for a week, I asked 4 other colleagues with different skin types to join me and put this product to the test. Promising brighter, smoother and more supple skin, read on to find out how the trial went for each of us.

1. Nicole

Current skin condition and concerns

“My skin type is oily, and I have a bad habit of picking at my pimples, which causes scarring and uneven skin texture. I also like to go out in the sun a lot, but I don’t make use of sunblock as much as I should.

I’ve always been told by the people around me that my skin looks dull and dehydrated, so I’m hoping to achieve brighter and more even skin.”

Day 1: First impressions

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

“It’s my first time trying out consumable beauty products, so I was both excited and curious to start the trial. I like the way the bottle looked too as it gave off an atas vibe. 

The amount of drink in the bottle was 50ml, which felt just right and easy to finish with its pleasant taste and smell.” 

Day 4: Midpoint check-in

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

“My skin appears brighter than before, and some of the harsh acne marks near my chin have begun to fade too. I really like how my cheeks also feel smoother and more supple.”

Day 7: Final thoughts

Itoh Hanako Sapphire WhiteBefore (left) vs after 7 days (right) with brighter and more even skin

“I was surprised to see my skin become brighter within just 7 days. My family members have also commented that I look less tired now — a rare compliment, considering how late I sleep. 

Furthermore, the dark spots on my face have always been one of my insecurities. Rather than covering them up with concealer like I normally do, I’m starting to feel more confident in the way my skin glows now.”

2. Jia Yi

Current skin condition and concerns

“I have combination skin, with a slightly oily T-zone and dry cheeks. I tend to have clogged pores and I’m especially prone to breakouts when I don’t get enough sleep or when I’m on my period.

As we’re still at the beginning of the new year, I hope to achieve smoother and brighter skin to start the year right.”

Day 1: First impressions

“The bottle gives off a very classy look and I like how it looks very clean and minimalistic. The drink felt refreshing since it’s sweet; almost like drinking fruit juice.” 

Day 4: Midpoint check-in

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

“By day 4, my skin tone looks brighter and most of my acne has faded. Even though I stayed up late the past few nights, my softer skin still managed to save me from looking like a zombie while at work.”

Day 7: Final thoughts

Before (left) vs after 7 days (right) with less acne redness and fewer marks

“On day 7, the overall redness caused by my acne was greatly reduced. Itoh Hanako Sapphire White exceeded my expectations, since I didn’t think I would see a big difference within just a week. 

Adding it to my skincare routine was fuss-free too — it was almost like drinking an extra glass of water every day.”

3. Jou Teng

Current skin condition and concerns

“Some of my major skin concerns are hormonal acne, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone due to acne scars. Plus, I have combination skin.

My goal for the end of the week is that the product can make my skin more supple and youthful-looking.”

Day 1: First impressions

“When I first saw the packaging, it was pleasing to the eye and made me curious about the contents inside. The smell was rather interesting, as I don’t think I have ever smelled a beauty product of this sweetness.

I’ve only tried consuming Vitamin D tablets before, so I didn’t think much about what Itoh Hanako Sapphire White would taste like. But it turned out to be sweet in a way that was not too overpowering and balanced.”

Day 4: Midpoint check-in

“After 4 days, the redness on my skin decreased. The acne scars on my cheek have also become lighter and my skin feels more even, compared to a few days ago. 

But some parts of my cheek still feel bumpy, and I’m hoping that the bumpiness will be further reduced by the end of the week.”

Day 7: Final thoughts

Before (left) vs after 7 days (right) with smoother and more supple skin

“The acne scar that I was concerned about managed to lighten and my skin feels smoother too. I feel that if I were to continue drinking this for a longer time, the results would be better and more obvious. 

Compared to my daily skincare routine, drinking Itoh Hanako Sapphire White is very convenient. I don’t have to go through the effort of opening up my skincare products and applying them. At this point, I’m considering the possibility that consumable products might work better for me in the long run.” 

4. Wei Lin

Current skin condition and concerns

“My skin type is leaning towards the oily side, and I tend to get clogged pores due to excessive sebum. Once in a while, I’m also prone to oil bubbles and pimples.

By the end of the week, I hope that Itoh Hanako Sapphire White will brighten the parts of my skin that have more blemishes. Especially since I don’t use sunscreen, protecting my skin from harsh UV rays is also another desired outcome.”

Day 1: First impressions

“I’ve never tried beauty supplements before because I always have the impression that they would taste bitter. But when I first tried Itoh Hanako Sapphire White, I was surprised that it smelled like candy, with a sweet and refreshing scent. 

The pleasant taste made me more inclined to drink it diligently throughout the week.”

Day 4: Midpoint check-in

“My skin has become less oily and my pores feel less clogged too. I noticed that some of my blemishes have become lighter, and it seems like my skin is on its way to improving further by the end of the week.”

Day 7: Final thoughts

Before (left) vs after 7 days (right) with fairer skin and reduced dark spots

“Before starting the trial, I was quite sceptical about consumable beauty products. But the sweet taste made it easy to keep at drinking it for a whole week.

In terms of redness and dark spots, Itoh Hanako Sapphire White definitely helped to brighten these areas of concern. As someone who is too lazy to commit to a skincare routine, the product is very convenient and even keeps me awake when I consume it in the morning.” 

5. Ariel

Current skin condition and concerns

“I have combination skin with an oily T-zone. I tend to break out during my period, and when I’m stressed. The acne marks caused by this take a long while to fade, especially when it comes to the redness around my nose and chin.

Hearing that Itoh Hanako Sapphire White is able to brighten my skin, I hope that my acne marks will lighten within the week.”

Day 1: First impressions

“The bottle feels expensive because it’s made of glass and is pretty heavy — it’s almost like a luxury product. I was initially worried about the taste since I’ve never had a collagen drink before, but it tastes like a tropical fruit punch. 

It was pretty refreshing, and I think it’ll taste even better chilled!” 

Day 4: Midpoint check-in

“While my face looked brighter by day 4, I still had a few red bumps and blackheads. I’m looking forward to seeing these concerns resolved within the next few days.”

Day 7: Final thoughts

Itoh Hanako Sapphire WhiteBefore (left) vs after 7 days (right) with softer and smoother skin

“Despite eating a lot of snacks during Chinese New Year and sleeping very little, my skin feels softer and looks brighter too. The product lived up to its claims to a large extent, and drinking it every day became ingrained into my daily routine. 

Though the redness and marks didn’t fade away completely, I want to continue drinking Itoh Hanako Sapphire White to see more improvements to my skin. The convenience and taste are a huge plus point as well.”

We Tried Itoh Hanako Sapphire White Collagen Drink To Get Brighter & Smoother Skin

As we grow up and learn more about our skin and its needs, it’s never too late to start treating ourselves right. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body, so taking care of it should be the first step to pampering yourself, even at home. 

These 5 girls have proved to us that consumable beauty products are just as effective as products that are applied directly to the skin, with noticeable results in just 7 days.

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

Don’t worry if it’s your first time trying out a consumable beauty product — all of the girls described Itoh Hanako Sapphire White to be sweet and suitable to their taste. Honorary mention also goes to it being fuss-free, so you can go about your day easily. 

The 6 key ingredients of the drink, including yeast extract with cysteine, broccoli sprout extract, pineapple processed powder, cape jasmine, fish collagen, and white tomato extract, work together like a team of superheroes to defeat your skin concerns. 

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

If you’re looking to add something new to your skincare routine, pamper yourself with Itoh Hanako Sapphire White’s effective ingredients daily. New users are recommended to drink a bottle a day for the first month, followed by one every alternate day afterwards. 

Think of it as a treat to look forward to every morning — a sweet way to kickstart your day.

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

For those who are looking at boosting skin elasticity, firmness and moisture, perhaps the Japan Crystal Collagen might be more up your alley. If you’re concerned that it’ll taste different, rest assured that it comes in a refreshing peach flavour that will make you yearn for more.

Japan Crystal Collagen is available at $39.90 (U.P. $49.90) for a box of 16, with a promotional bundle of 2 boxes with 3 free bottles at $75.

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

One of our biggest fears as we grow older is undoubtedly wrinkles, especially with long-term exposure to UV rays. To ensure you’re always Instagram-ready wherever you go, Skinlift aims to restore your youth with their ingredients of proteoglycan, collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

SkinLift is available at $49.90 (U.P. $55) for a box of 10, with a promotional bundle of 2 boxes for $81.90.

Itoh Hanako Sapphire White

It’s time to make 2022 your year, with skin that shines with confidence even sans makeup. Itoh Hanako Sapphire White is priced at $39.90 (U.P. $59.90) for a box of 10, so jio your BFFs to try it out and embark on a new skincare journey together. 

All of the products are available on Acenshoppe’s website, Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10, awaiting your new glow-up with no more than a simple drink every day.

Get brighter and smoother skin with Itoh Hanako Sapphire White!

This post was brought to you by Ascen Resources (S) Pte Ltd, Ascenshoppe.
Photography by Brad Lee.

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