Junior College (JC) Ghost Stories in Singapore

After covering the academic horrors that Junior College (JC) students face, it’s now time to explore the real horror stories across JCs in Singapore.

JC students are known for staying in school for so long that they’re physically chased out by the school security guards. However, if more of them knew of what lurks within their own compounds I doubt anyone would stay past nightfall.

From haunted lecture theatres (LT) to dismembered bodies, here are 12 ghost stories across Singapore.

Disclaimer: All information in this article is hearsay and may have been conjured by hallucinations or rumours.

Dunman High School (DHS): The Rattling Door

*This incident happened firsthand to the people we spoke to.

Two students had left their things in a classroom during an overnight CCA camp in school. When they went up late at night to get their stuff, they found the door locked.

One girl went to the front door find a way in, while the other went to the back. When they both peeked into the room, it was pitch black.

All of a sudden, the front door’s handle started to rattle. The girl at the front door thanked her friend, thinking that her friend had managed to find a way in… only to realise her biggest fear. Her friend was still stuck behind the locked back door. Needless to say, they sprinted the heck outta there.

Dunman High School (DHS): The Haunted Toilets

*This incident happened firsthand to the people we spoke to.

It’s said that the toilets nearer to the front gate of DHS’s JC block are haunted. The incidents reported are always the same: a high-pitched singing will come from one of the cubicles, but if you try to call out to the person, there won’t be any response. The singing will temporarily stop, only to be picked up a few seconds later.

Sometimes, students say that they can hear someone entering the toilet to wash hands, but if they peek under the cubicle door, they won’t see anyone.

Pioneer Junior College (PJC): The ‘Toyol’

There are rumours that the PJC campus is haunted by a Toyol; the Malay name for a small child spirit who moves objects or destroys things.

One time, a group of girls were telling ghost stories after school hours in the Malay room. When they were retelling the legend of the Poltergeist, a roof tile from the classroom fell just a few metres away from the girls.


Yishun Junior College (YJC): Floating Girl and Ghost Bell

In YJC, a girl allegedly hung herself in a third storey classroom after failing her A-level examination. People believe her spirit still haunts the entire third floor—especially the female toilet. Some students have reported seeing a girl floating in midair when they looked into the toilet mirror.

YJC is so well known for being haunted that the school even had this in their school’s 30th-anniversary pamphlet:

“Have you ever been in school past 6.30pm? You would have heard a special sounding bell. The story behind this is that the bell is a signal for the ghosts to enter the premises again. But don’t worry, there’s a 6.30am bell to warn them that it’s time to leave.”

If that isn’t enough to convince you about the lurking spirits in YJC, I don’t know what will.

Serangoon Junior College (SRJC): Haunted LT5

The most (in)famous ghost story from SRJC is the story of LT5. In fact, teachers themselves have verified and told these stories during lesson breaks.

A female student allegedly hung herself from a tree near LT5. After her death, students reported hearing cries when they walked past that area. Once, a school technician named Amin went into the LT at 6.00am and claimed he felt a hand grab his leg.

Raffles Junior College (RJC): Buried Dead Bodies

*This incident happened firsthand to the people we spoke to.

RJC’s ghost stories usually stem from the fact that the campus was a former cemetery, hence the bodies had to be dug up before the school was built. In fact, it’s said that when the school swimming pool was built, the construction workers had to stop one meter short as they started to find bones and bodies left behind.


On top of that, another dead body was supposedly uncovered at the back of RJC’s Raja Block. Ever since the body was found, people have felt gusts of cold wind at the Raja block despite how hot and humid it might be.

Once, a girl who had been studying at school after nightfall went into the toilet to do her business. Even though no one else had come into the washroom, she heard the tap turn on. Afraid and alone, the girl ran out and washed her hands at the water cooler.

Temasek Junior College (TJC): Haunted Female Toilet

Years ago, there used to be a female toilet above the Students’ Council room in TJC, which was converted into a male toilet after reports of a female ghostly figure lurking inside. Some claim that it’s the ghost of an Ex-TJcian who had taken her life in there.

According to Asian beliefs, boys have a stronger “chi” which would negate the presence of the ghost.

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI): Creepy Statues

In HCI’s library, rumour has it that the eyes of the Lee Kong Chian statue used to glow emerald green at night. It creeped out the students and staff at HCI so much that they covered the eyes with the same material as they used to sculpt the statue with.

Some students also believe that when you walk behind the Tan Kah Kee statue around midnight, you’ll hear a voice that’ll ask you for the time.

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI): The Dismembered Female Ghost

HCI was used as a camp base by the Japanese during WW2. Back in the day, the Japanese brutally murdered and dismembered a female’s body and flushed the pieces of her body down the toilet. Even though today’s toilets have been renovated, people believe that the distraught spirit still plagues the area.

At the toilets near the Lower Secondary Science lab, several students have claimed to have heard the sound of a female sobbing whenever a toilet is flushed. In one extreme case, a student claimed to have seen blood dripping from the taps.

If that wasn’t creepy enough, the LT1 in HCI is allegedly “missing” because it was demolished after being used as a mass dumping ground for dead bodies back in WW2.

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI): The “Kiddy Room”

The old Scouts CCA area on top of Kah Kee Hall at HCI conceals a room that all staff/students have dubbed the “Kiddy Room”. Known as one of the most haunted places in HCI, the legend goes that this room was where women were raped and babies were killed during the Japanese Occupation.

In that room, there’s a whiteboard with the scores of a song written on it. If you walk by around nightfall, you might hear that song being sung by a woman. Just to up the creep factor, right next to that room is a toilet which has perpetual blood stains on the mirror.

For those not familiar with the “Kiddy Room”, here’s a ‘tour’ of the place. Haters will say it’s fake.

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI): “Self-Playing” Piano

In HCI’s Clock Tower, there’s a piano that allegedly starts playing on its own at night. After receiving complaints, the school administration immediately replaced the piano. However, there have been occasions where a lone white glove would be mysteriously perched on top of the piano keys come nightfall.


Hwa Chong Institution (HCI): The Hanging Bodies

This next story serves as a word of caution to all those hanging around HCI at night time: Do not shine your light at the trees when you’re you’re walking around the school campus at night.

During the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese hung dead bodies on those very same trees. Rumour has it that the unlucky ones who do shine their flashlight on those trees might see a few dead bodies just hangin’.

Bonus Story: The Old Scouts’ Den at HCI is apparently locked up not because of any ghostly encounters, but because of the students who hide in there to have sex. Talk about having sex in small spaces… @Minister Josephine Teo.

JC Urban Legends

Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts or not, be sure to never mock or challenge these spirits just in case they decide to prove you wrong.

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