Choonsik Toaster 

The best days start with a good brekkie – it could just be soft boiled eggs paired with toast and a warm cuppa. Instead of emptying your wallet dabao-ing “Set A” all the time, why not get this Choonsik toaster from Kakao Friends, which leaves an imprint of the beloved yellow cat’s face on the bread. 

Whether as a gift or to help glitz up breakfast in bed for 2, it’s an alternative solution to making meals IG-worthy when you can’t cook for nuts. 

The toaster 

Inspired by the Kakao Friends character, the Choonsik toaster is coloured a mustard yellow with brown detailing. On both sides of the device, you’ll spot Choonsik’s face printed on, whiskers and all.

Choonsik Toaster

Pop your bread of choice into the toaster and after a minute or 2, you’ll wind up with golden brown slices that have Choonsik’s face outlined on them. The imprints even come in 2 designs so you’ll have a different facial expression on each side of the bread slices. 

Once you’re done using the toaster, you can cover it with the cap provided which prevents dust and dirt from collecting on the inside.

If you’ve ever experienced eating burnt waffles that’re still cold on the inside, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this toaster comes with a thaw function. Defrosting first helps to ensure that whatever you’re warming or toasting gets evenly heated. 

You can also use the built-in steel rack to heat up bread and buns that don’t quite fit into the toaster slots. 

With its eye-catching design, this toaster works as a Christmas present option for your kaya toast lovin’ amigo. The Choonsik toaster is priced at US$45.65 (~S$62.35). 

This Choonsik Toaster Will Make Preparing Simple Breakfast Platters All The More Fun

The Choonsik toaster is available on the Kakao Friends website. However, the use of a freight forwarder is required for shipment to Singapore for now. Alternatively, you can check out this all-in-one toaster that toasts bread just as well. 

All images courtesy of Kakao Friends.

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