Korean vs Singaporean girls

Blessed with good genes, *Ben always had admirers from all walks of life, including men who were drawn to his boyish good looks like moths to a flame. At 26 years old, he had slept with at least 15 girls who were cherrypicked from his beeline of suitors. 

One night, over dinner, he told me about the latest Korean girl he was dating and proudly confessed that he became an air steward to ‘outsource’ girls from unchartered territories beyond our land.

Curiously, I asked him about the lessons he learnt from dating local and international girls and here are the insights he shared.

*That’s his fake name, in fear of getting NTUC Fairprice eggs thrown at him.

1. Communication style

Most Koreans I dated knew a bit of English, but if they don’t, GG (good game) for you. Their vocabulary’s limited, though. So for example, they’ll know what’s power, but not strength.

Sometimes she’ll say “oh I no power” to mean she’s tired.

If they don’t get complicated words like presentation, I’ll have no choice but to ask Google Translate.

2. The sex

Based on my experience, Singaporean girls are better in bed.

The Korean girls I dated are quite self-conscious and less adventurous. They tend to be shy, so they’ll insist you turn off the lights. When changing clothes, they’ll also hide and give that stop-staring-at-me face.

3. Different meal plans

You know how Chinese people ask 吃饭了吗 (have you eaten rice), where ‘rice’ is mostly a figure of speech?

Well, Koreans literally eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s ingrained in them.

As a guy who doesn’t eat vegetables, it’s harder to plan meals as many Korean rice dishes come with sides like Kimchi.

4. Conflicting working hours

I’m not saying all Korean girls work in nightlife, but the ones I meet usually do. That’s how most guys meet Korean girls in Singapore.

If I work from 8.00 to 5.00pm, we’re living in opposite time zones. It’s easier to schedule time with a Singaporean partner.

5. The way they break up

If Korean girls make up their minds about breaking up, they’ll just tell you “oppa, sorry we can’t work out, please take care okay.” And that’s the end of it.

I feel that Singaporean girls are more forgiving. In our tiny island, it’s harder to pull away when you’re constantly reminded of the person through mutual friends.

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6. The way they carry themselves

As compared to Singaporeans, the majority of Korean girls I meet behave like they are prized possessions. They’re often pretty and go under the knives to look perfect, so they know they can get guys. I think that’s what makes them appealing; they are not afraid to flaunt their confidence.

7. Their taste in men

Taste is subjective and every girl has their own ideal type. But when I asked the Koreans, they said they like spontaneous men who can make them laugh.

Korean girls here meet a lot of rich men, so you need to outshine them if you don’t have money. For example, if they ask you to dance, you can just dance in front of them.

They don’t like men who are too loud, though. Looks-wise, just think of a K-pop celebrity.

8. The way they chase men

When a Korean girl likes you, she’ll usually chase after you, but only for one to two months max.

I find Singaporean girls more patient. However, once you get the girl, Koreans are quick to say they love you.

9. What they think of Singaporean men

Korean girls repeatedly tell me they prefer Singaporean men because Korean men are more rowdy and playful. According to them, Singaporean men have bigger assets ‘down there’.

I didn’t believe it until I read the global size chart that trended online.

10. Culture expectations

Korean girls will expect you to immerse in their culture and most of them prefer to settle down in their homeland. So guys need to ask themselves if they’re willing to make such changes.

However, I do know of several marriages between Singaporean men and Korean girls.

Differences between Korean and Singaporean girls

At the end of the day, Ben emphasised that regardless of race, every relationship is about compromise. Except kimchi, though. “I still hate vegetables,” he scoffed.

This article was first published on 31 October 2016 and last updated on 19 December 2023. 

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