Le Creuset Pink Kitchenware

Even though we can’t feel it here on our sunny shores, we’re approaching the season of Spring – a time where flowers go into full bloom.

Cherry blossoms are no exception, with the majority of them growing in countries such as Japan and Korea. With Starbucks Japan releasing their cherry blossom-inspired drinkware merch, Le Creuset has also followed suit with their new pastel pink kitchenware collection.

The collection

le creuset kitchenware pots 3

The collection features these two pots in shell pink, with two curved handles at the side. Perfect for the recent rainy weather, you can use the pot on the left to cook stews and soups. Coming in three sizes – 16cm, 18cm, and 24cm, the Signature Cocotte Rondo pots retail at 25,300 yen (~S$253.15), 29,700 yen (~S$297.18), and 40,700 yen (~S$407.36) respectively. 

Opt for the dome-shaped pot on the right for baking delicious goods for your loved ones. Make sure to secure the lid and you’re all set for any potluck. The Signature Bread Oven 24cm pot retails at 36,300 yen (~S$363.28). 

le creuset kitchenware pots 4

Unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey and cook up a storm with this wide pot, perfect for making shepherd’s pie and casseroles. The Signature Buffet Casserole 22cm Shell Pink pot retails at 35,200 yen (~S$352.39). 

Be accompanied in the kitchen with the adorable pink stand on the right. With this, you can find your tools easily when you’re whipping up a fantastic meal. The Utensil Clock (S) Shell Pink stand retails at 6,930 yen (~S$69.34). 

le creuset kitchenware pots 1

If you’re planning on having guests over, consider using the Signature Cocotte Square 24cm Shell Pink pot on the left. With dimensions of 25cm x 24cm, it is suitable to hold large portions of food and has a shallow depth so you can scoop food out easily. The pot retails at 41,800 yen (~S$418.38). 

Cook your rice staple in the Cocotte Every 20 pot on the right to complete your meal. Whether you’re a noob or pro cook, this pot is easy to use, and is also aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen. The pot retails at 29,700 yen (~S$297.28). 

le creuset kitchenware pots 2

Become a certified masterchef with these two pale pink enamelware stands. On the left, the Ladle Stand Shell Pink is curved, and has a glossy interior – similar to the inside of a seashell. Place your ladles or spatulas in the holder to collect the excess oil. This stand retails at 3,410 yen (~S$34.13). 

For a unique look, the lid stand on the right resembles that of two sharp teeth. The design includes Le Creuset’s name and three lines on the stand, providing texture when you feel it. 

Featuring a gradient of pink to white, you can fit your pot lids in between the two structures. Consider gifting this to your friends who are newbies to the culinary game. The Lid Stand Shell Pink holder retails at 4,840 yen (~S$48.45). 

Le Creuset’s Cherry Blossom-Inspired Kitchenware Will Brighten Up Your Meal Preparations

With Le Creuset’s cherry blossom-inspired kitchenware, you’ll be bringing the sakuras in Japan to you with every meal you make. For those interested in purchasing the products, you can head over to Rakuten’s website to order as they offer international shipping.

All images courtesy of Le Creuset.

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