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Everyone has a favourite hobby, and for some, it is collecting chio kitchen items and whipping up meals for their loved ones. If that sounds like you, Miffy has recently released a kitchenware collection that includes pots and kettles, alongside miniature versions of the cooking tools that double as kawaii collectibles. 

The collection

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In collaboration with Japanese brand Fuji Horo, the Miffy kitchenware collection has five items, and tiny replicas which are sold separately. Perhaps with the smaller-sized kitchen tools, you can even play out cooking scenarios with your young ones.  


Whether it is making a stew or steaming eggs, the Miffy Casserole is capable of various cooking methods to satisfy your food cravings. The 1.4-litre pot is made from white enamel, which allows safe cooking and storing of food since the material is also antibacterial, as well as acid- and alkali-resistant. 

Plus, it comes with an air-tight polyester lid so you can store the entire pot directly in the fridge. 

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That’s not all ‒ you can use the pot on all heat sources such as induction and gas stoves except microwave ovens. The lid also comes with a wooden handle so you won’t burn your hand accidentally. 

The Miffy Casserole retails at $78. 


Warm up milk or boil water for your daily cuppa with the Miffy Milk Pan. Featuring a double spout design, the pan allows easy pouring of liquid, which eliminates the chances of accidental spills. 

Similarly, the pan is made from white enamel, and comes with an ergonomic wooden handle that is light and easy to hold. 

The Miffy Milk Pan retails at $58. 

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Some might consider boiling water with kettles old-fashioned. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with this traditional method, especially when you have an adorable kettle like the one in the collection. Enter the Miffy Kettle, a 2-litre kettle made from white enamel that features Miffy’s signature expression on the exterior. 

The broad and stable base of the kettle allows water to heat up easily, and the wide-mouth spout design also makes cleaning fuss-free. 

The Miffy Kettle retails at $98. 

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Rather than using the same, plain containers to store dry ingredients and seasonings, switch things up with the Miffy Square Stock Pot. The compact square design allows the kitchenware to be stored easily at the corner of a shelf and in the fridge. Plus, the handle by the side also provides an easy grip. 

Since the stock pot comes with a silicon lid that keeps out moisture and prevents oxidation, it is also perfect to store seasonings such as sugar and salt. 

The Miffy Square Stock Pot retails at $68.

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Unlike the aforementioned designs, the Miffy Deep Container 2-Piece Set greets us with two sad facial expressions on the kitchenware that make us go aww

Since the containers are capable of storing all types of food and ingredients, you can use them to keep leftovers or as dapao boxes. Thanks to its white enamel material, the containers are also stain and odour free. 

The Miffy Deep Container 2-Piece Set retails at $78.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With The Miffy Kitchenware Collection & Miniature Collectibles

Make your cooking experience much more enjoyable when you have the Miffy kitchenware and miniature collectibles. While the collection is already available for sale on Cote Maison’s official website, the miniature collectibles will drop first in Japan from April 2023. 

As we wait for more deets, check out the Mulberry x Miffy collection in the meantime.

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