Levi’s x Hello Kitty 2020

Last year, Levi’s and Hello Kitty teamed up on a clothing collection to commemorate the beloved character’s 45th birthday. This year, they’re coming together once again to celebrate Sanrio’s 60th anniversary. Like the first collection, you can look forward to jeans, hoodies and totes bags in the Levi’s x Hello Kitty 2020 collection. In addition, there’s also this year’s must-have item: reusable face masks, of course. 

Let’s take a look at the new collection!

Face masks

The highlight of this year’s collection is the reusable face masks. They are reversible too if you want to tone down the ‘kawaii’ at work or in school. There are 2 different designs: the pink one features Hello Kitty with her friends including Joey the mouse and Rorry the squirrel (left). The yellow one on the right focuses on Hello Kitty herself.

The masks also have the signature red Levi’s tab found on other Levi’s products as a mark of this limited-edition drop.


It wouldn’t be a Levi’s collaboration without blue denim jeans.

While last year’s line-up was more playful, with Hello Kitty’s face and bow on a pair of wide-leg jeans, this year’s jeans come in 3 different washeslight, medium and darkwith Hello Kitty prints laser-etched onto them.

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Hoodies, tote bags and more

Besides jeans, graphic tees, hoodies and tote bags are also available. Instead of repeated Hello Kitty motifs like last year, Levi’s and Sanrio opted for a simple illustration of Hello Kitty across all 3 items.

One of the coolest things about this year’s collection is that you can actually customise your items. You can use your name (like Millie and Christie) or favourite phrase to add a personal touch to your clothes or bag. It’ll look like Hello Kitty is saying “Hello” to you!

Lastly, there is now also a Hello Kitty bandana that you can use to decorate your new tote bag or wear as a fun hair accessory.

The New Levi’s x Hello Kitty Collection Will Give Your Outfit A Dose Of Kawaii  

The Levi’s x Hello Kitty 2020 collection is set to be released on 16 September 2020 on the Levi’s US website and app. Since last year’s collection was available in Singapore, we look forward to the new one arriving on our shores soon as well. 

In the meantime, you can check out the Levi’s x Peanuts collection. Featuring iconic characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, the collection is already available in Levi’s stores across Singapore. 

Apart from the Hello Kitty and Peanuts collections, Levi’s is also collaborating with Lego on a launch in October. No matter what your favourite toys or characters were as a kid, it seems like you’ll get to relive your childhood through the American denim brand’s collaborations this year.

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