Legit & Affordable Makeup Brushes

Whether you are a makeup newbie or a professional makeup artist, a set of good makeup brushes is essential. Often, however, these brushes can get a little pricey. We’ve done the legwork for you by diving into the depths of the Internet, as well as asking our colleagues and friends for recommendations, to come up with a list of local and international brands of makeup brushes you can get in Singapore that are both high quality and value for money.

1. Colourpop

affordable makeup brushes colourpop

Thanks to its many collaborations with big names such as Disney, Colourpop is one of the most well-loved makeup brands out there. To assist you in applying your Sailor Moon or Mulan makeup looks, the brand also has its own line of makeup brushes. They’re perfect for beginners too, thanks to the low price points. The most expensive brush costs US$12 (~S$16.27), which is considered inexpensive compared to other brands of the same calibre.

Colourpop has a variety of brushes and tools available to help you in every step of your makeup application. The bristles are made of synthetic materials that are soft on the skin, and the brushes also pick up powder products very easily.

A colleague shared, “I’ve always been a fan of Colourpop makeup, from their eyeshadow palettes to foundation and setting powder. I was eager to try as many products of theirs as I can and the  brushes were the cherry on top of the cake for me.” She added that the quality is decent as well, especially the blending brushes. 

Price: From US$5 (~S$6.78)
Shipping fee: US$9.99 (~S$13.58), free delivery to Singapore for orders above US$60 (~S$81.56)
Contact: Fill in the contact form on its website
Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Ecotools

affordable makeup brushes ecotools

For the environmentally-conscious, Ecotools is an ideal option for makeup brushes. The vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand creates its makeup brushes and other tools out of recycled and renewed materials.

A colleague recommended the Enhancing Eye Set from Ecotools. The set comes with 2 double-ended brushes with 4 brush heads to help you shade, blend, define and smudge. The Shader, Smudge and Blend brush heads are good for eyeshadows, while Define is an angled brush head that works for eyeliner and brows. The Smudge brush head can also be used for highlighting your cupid’s bow. On top of that, she mentioned that the brushes pick up matte and shimmer powders well.

According to EcoTool’s website, they will soon be replacing their packaging with a biodegradable and plantable package. The seeded packages will turn waste into wildflowers when they are planted in the ground and watered. Talk about looking good and doing good at the same time. 

Price: From $8.22
Where to buy: iherb
Shipping fee: Calculated at checkout, free delivery to Singapore for orders above $54.34
Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. E.L.F.

affordable makeup brushes elf

Another vegan and wallet-friendly makeup brand, E.L.F’s s products are known to be perfect dupes of those from higher end brands. While its blushes and highlighters are its better selling items, its other products shouldn’t be dismissed, especially its makeup brushes.

E.L.F.’s brushes are all made from synthetic bristles. The foundation and eyeshadow brushes are among the most popular options among online shoppers, with most reviews talking about how easy it was to apply makeup using these brushes.

Price: From $7.90
Where to buy: Smoochiezz
Shipping fee: Free standard shipping for orders above $1, $2.50 for registered postage
E.L.F.:  Website | Facebook | Instagram
Smoochiezz: Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Wet n Wild

affordable makeup brushes wet n wild

Considering how low its products are priced, it’s almost unbelievable how well Wet n Wild’s makeup and tools perform. Most people would be familiar with the brand’s highlighters and bright lipsticks, but its brushes are also very popular purchases.

The brand has collaborated with the likes of beauty influencer Bretman Rock and Sanrio on makeup brushes. The two partnerships introduced face and eyeshadow brushes that are among the brand’s current bestsellers. But even if you’re not a fan of either names, Wet n Wild also has its own line of eye and face brushes with a white handle and distinct pink synthetic bristles.

A colleague shared that she uses the Angled Contour Brush. She talked about how easy it is to clean and that it is very long-lasting. She added that she has had it for 1-2 years without much shedding from the bristles.

Price: From $2.73
Where to buy: iherb
Shipping fee: Calculated at checkout, free delivery to Singapore for orders above S$54.34
Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Morphe

affordable makeup brushes morphe

If you’ve ever watched any beauty guru videos on YouTube, you’ll recognise the brand Morphe. Morphe has a large variety of brushes and brush sets to help you get that full beat. Their sets are great for all makeup users, from beginners to professional makeup artists. Plus, for such a well known brand, its makeup brushes are surprisingly affordable.

Popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill recommends the M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff brush for its versatility and densely packed bristles. She says that she loves doing her eye makeup with this particular brush. Fellow YouTuber Patrick Starr also calls it a “must-have” for eyes. 

Price: From AU$1.60 (~S$1.53)
Shipping fee: AU$15 (~S$14.54), free delivery to Singapore for orders above AU$100 (~S$96.96)
Contact: Email au.info@morphe.com
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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6. Zoeva

affordable makeup brushes zoevaSource

Most makeup enthusiasts would have heard of the brand Zoeva. Aside from eyeshadow palettes, the brand also prides itself on its makeup brushes. 

Here’s a pro-tip: While its brushes usually cost about $20 on average, it also has brush sets that are cheaper than buying each item individually. The Voyager Travel Brush Set ($44) is one such example, with 4 mini-versions of its popular eye brushes valued at $11 each, compared to $17 to $19 for each brush.

A friend of mine shared, “The bristles are very soft and smooth on your skin. They blend the products very well on your face too.” She went on to talk about how as the brushes are smaller in size and come with their own pouch, it’s easier for her to bring them along on holidays and staycations. 

Price: From $17
Where to buy: Sephora
Shipping fee: $8, free delivery for orders above $50
Sephora: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Zoeva: Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. 13rushes

affordable makeup brushes 13rushes

“Support local” is an idea we can all get behind. One local brand that designs and makes its own makeup brushes in Singapore is 13rushes. Each brush is carefully handmade by the brand’s stable of craftsmen. Since they’re handmade, the bristles are only trimmed at the ends, leaving the tip untouched for maximum softness on skin. The brand is firm on its stance against animal cruelty as well, so all its brushes are made with textured synthetic bristles.

Aside from designing its own line of brushes for every step of your makeup application process, it also collaborates with other brands. One major brand it has partnered with is Sanrio, on a range of brushes featuring Gudetama. It has also collaborated with local makeup artist Larry Yeo on a collection of universal do-it-all brushes that work perfectly with liquid or cream products. 

A colleague recommended the foundation and eyeshadow brushes from the brand, stating that they are good value for money. 

Price: From $14
Shipping fee: Free standard shipping
Contact: Email support@13rushes.com
Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Real Techniques

affordable makeup brushes real techniques

You might have seen Real Techniques brushes in Guardian stores or on online sites that call it one of the best dupes for beauty blenders and foundation brushes from high end brands. Its reputation is well deserved, as the makeup brushes allow you to apply your foundation with minimal streaks.

It also has brush sets that are suitable for beginners or those looking to assemble a basic makeup kit. 

“I got the [Everyday Essentials set] for Christmas and it is amazing. Easy to clean and all amazing quality. They are the only tools I use in my daily makeup routine. You can use most items for more than one step,” one reviewer shared.

Price: From $15
Where to buy: Guardian
Shipping fee: $8, free delivery for orders over $40
Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Innisfree

affordable makeup brushes innisfree

Source, Source

You may know Innisfree better for its reasonably priced skincare products made with natural ingredients, but the K-beauty brand also has a wide range of makeup tools and brushes.

One of its bestselling brushes is the My Foundation Brush, which comes in 2 varieties: Glow and Cover. The Glow brush is for dewy foundations to give you a glowing look, while the Cover brush is for matte foundations to give you an even foundation application.

“It doesn’t leave any streak on your skin and blends out effortlessly beautiful,” one reviewer mentioned.

Price: From $24
Where to buy: Innisfree stores, visit its website for a full list of locations
Contact: Email cs_sg@innisfree.com
Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. 3CE

affordable makeup brushes 3ce


For fans of K-beauty who are looking for more options when it comes to makeup brushes, there’s also 3 Concept Eyes, aka 3CE. The brand’s bestselling item may be the Velvet Lip Tints, but it also has a full range of makeup brushes including a multi-functional pink kabuki brush and the popular Eye Smudge Brush.

A reviewer on Sephora stated, “The brush comes in a cute pink colour and the bristles [are] soft to use. Picks up the powder and easy to apply onto the face. The price is a plus point! This size is good for travelling and it comes with a mini pouch.”

Price: From $13
Where to buy: Sephora
Shipping fee: $8, free delivery for orders above $50
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Good Makeup Brushes Don’t Need To Break Your Bank Account

Save your money for the next Disney or Hello Kitty makeup collections with these affordable makeup brushes that will help you achieve any look you are aiming for.  

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