McDonald’s Cherry Blossom Tumblers

We’re no strangers to exclusive merch at McDonald’s – just recall the multiple queues for Hello Kitty over the years.  

If you plan on visiting Thailand this week to experience their annual water festival aka Songkran, you might also want to head to their local McDonald’s outlets for a good reason. The fast food franchise now has exclusive cherry blossom tumblers, which are only available in the country for a limited time. 

The tumblers

From stylish bags to streetwear, McDonald’s has been treating their global customers with a variety of merchandise. This time around, they have dropped two tumblers in pink and purple with cherry blossom designs in Thailand. 

McDonald’s Thailand Cherry Blossom TumblersSource

In collaboration with LocknLock, the tumblers won’t have you worrying about accidental leaks since the brand is known for their airtight closure property. Plus, the tumblers are also capable of keeping drinks chilled and warm for up to 8 hours thanks to their insulation feature.

What’s more, their one-touch cap opens with a single click on the side for easy drinking. 

Each tumbler has a capacity of 18.5oz

As much as we’d love to be in Japan to witness the sakura blooms, not all of us have the chance to do so. “Transport” yourself to Land of The Rising Sun when you sip on your favourite brew stored in one of the tumblers instead. The cherry blossoms motifs and a McDonald’s logo in gold on the exterior might be all you need to “experience” Spring. 

McDonald’s Thailand Cherry Blossom TumblersSource

Whether it is to expand your own drinkware collection or surprise bae, the tumblers work as excellent perk-me-ups. Each tumbler also comes in a chio packaging, and retails at THB499 (~S$19.40). 

Enter Spring With McDonald’s Cherry Blossom Tumblers

Thanks to McDonald’s Thailand, we get to “experience” Spring through their exclusive tumblers. No worries if you’re not heading to Thailand any time soon either  ‒ you can purchase the McDonald’s Thailand cherry blossom tumblers on Shopee at an upsized price of $39 each. 

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