NYE Party Stories

Names were changed to protect identities.

On New Year’s Eve, MRT trains run later, clubs stay open longer, and parties rage harder as everyone’s in a celebratory mood. But in every good party, there are always a few revellers who take things too far.

Throw in how the festive atmosphere encourages most party-goers to give leeway to bad behaviour, and it seems the most rabak clubbing and partying stories happen on 31st December.

1. Sucked a random guy’s dick in a carpark

I was dancing with my girl friends at a club at Clarke Quay when we were approached by a group of guys. There was one particular guy I hit off with, and after dancing for a while, he suggested we go outside for some fresh air.

Drunk out of my mind, I agreed. Halfway through talking, I realised I preferred to do something else with my mouth. So we went to the carpark lobby and I gave him a blow job. The rest of the night passed in a blur but I got home safely.

The next morning, I got a text from him and realised I couldn’t remember how he look liked or what his name was.

The only thing I remembered about him was that he is 19. I’m 25. FML.

Jennie, 25

2. So drunk I tried to hit on a straight guy

I was in a hotel suite with five others. As we watched the amazing view of fireworks over the bay area, we downed 10 bottles of red wine and another bottle of vodka for good measure.

In our little party, I found John really cute. John is a friend’s friend and is married to a woman. Undeterred and fuelled by liquid courage, I started flirting with him and ignored everyone else.

When we were leaving, I tried to tongue his neck.

George, 21

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3. Caught the flu from kissing too many guys

This was the first NYE in a long time that I was single. So I was looking forward to finding someone cute to kiss at midnight.

But I got a bit too drunk at LAVO and ended up making out with multiple guys. My first kiss of the year was unfortunately with an overweight English dude. He grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat before I could protest.

Luckily, I got away and found a handsome Brazilian at the smoking corner. The night ended on a good note but I woke up feeling like death. I had caught the flu from one of guys I had been swapping spit with.

I guess the first lesson 2019 taught me was to stop making out with random strangers.

Amanda, 25

4. Puked, then made out with the friend who took care of me

2018 was a bad year for me, so I decided to get drunk on NYE with a bunch of friends at Zouk. A few drinks later, I ran out of the club to “merlion”. One of my male friends was sent to look after me, and he held my hair back as I puked my guts out.

After I straightened myself out, we went back onto the dance floor. One thing led to another and the both of us started making out. The rest of our friend group went WTF because they knew we were both seeing other people.

Julie, 22

5. Girl I’m in love with kissed my best friend in front of me

For the longest time, I’ve been in love with one of my colleagues. Our job requires us to travel frequently so we hardly spend much time together. But by a stroke of luck, we both were in Singapore for New Year’s.

Our mutual friends decided to hit up a ticketed clubbing event. To make sure she went, I paid for her. The ticket cost $300 and she repaid me by making out with my best friend in front of me.

She tried to comfort me by saying she “didn’t have feelings for him”. I spent the rest of the night drinking tequila shots with strangers at the bar.

Jack, 20

6. I broke up with my boyfriend because we quarrelled over fireworks

My then-boyfriend was working on New Year’s Eve but he promised to watch the fireworks with me at the Marina Bay area.

Though he arrived at Bayfront MRT Station at 11.00pm, the massive crowd made it impossible for him to get to me before midnight. I was upset because I spent the first moments of 2019 sandwiched between sweaty bodies, alone.

We decided to head to the bar after with our friends to salvage the night. A couple of drinks in, I curtly brought up it was his fault we missed the fireworks. Our exchange escalated to a full-blown quarrel and we broke up right there and then.

Grace, 28

Clubbing Stories In Singapore

New Year, new beginnings. Just don’t end up with new STDs as well. ZULA wishes everyone an amazing year ahead!

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