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Not too long ago, you would have found me hitting the clubs every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Looking back, I don’t know how I found the stamina (or the money) to keep up my partying lifestyle.

I was the definition of young, dumb, broke; squandering hundreds of dollars on shots and cigarettes, spending nights in a drunken stupor, and worrying my parents endlessly.

But my crazy clubbing phase wasn’t completely pointless. I learnt to be a kinder, stronger person and to value myself. More importantly, I learnt how to have fun safely.

If you’re new to the clubbing scene, and feel a little anxious or are unsure of what to expect, these are some rules I followed to ensure I always had a 10/10 night out.

1. If you’re not wearing safety shorts, wear a tight skirt

If it’s your first time clubbing, know that a clubbing outfit should be comfortable, safe, and easy to remove when you visit the loo.

Heels are great, but if you walk like a newborn giraffe in them, you should probably stick to black flats. If you insist on heels, get thick-heeled boots with a platform for maximum feet support.

Rompers are cute but they aren’t the most practical outfit. There’s a good chance you’ll regret your outfit choice when you’re peeing, almost naked and half-drunk.

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If you choose to wear a flouncy skirt, wear safety shorts so you won’t accidentally flash yourself. A tight faux leather skirt is a good choice because it doesn’t move around much.

2. On wearing makeup

The makeup you wear is temporary, but the pictures posted on Instagram are forever. On a night out, chances are your squad will take loads of selfies and post Instastories all night.

To look your best, you’ll want to avoid common makeup mistakes like wearing foundation with a high SPF lest your face be ghostly white in pics.

3. Make sure your NRIC is always with you before you leave the house

Nothing will ruin your night faster than realising you can’t find a stupid pink card.

4. It’s pre-drink, not pre-drunk

Pre-drinking with your friends at the Clarke Quay bridge, or along a roadside is practically a teenage rite of passage.

Like most 18 to 21-year olds, I suffered from I-have-no-money-ritis. What I liked to do was buy two cups of S$1 Sprite from Mcdonald’s, and mix it with vodka brought from home.

However, if you have a low alcohol tolerance or don’t drink on the regular, try not to drink too quickly or mix your alcohols.

Hard liquor (e.g. gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila) usually hits your system after 30 minutes. To accurately judge how much alcohol is in your body, it’s best to space out each drink at 15-minute intervals.

The general rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water for every shot you take, so you don’t wake up with a nasty hangover.

5. Get on the guest list (if you can)

The truth is in clubs the guy to girl ratio is 3:1 at best. That’s why there’s free entry on Ladies’ Night, alcohol deals, and club promoters who want to sign girls into clubs.

Chances are, one of your friends would know someone who works as a club promoter. So ask around if you can get signed in under a guest list. Alternatively, check out the Facebook page of the clubs you’re hitting up. Sometimes, you can get guest list by just clicking “Going”.

6. Bring a small sling bag

clubbing tips

Sometimes, bringing a sling bag to hold your lipstick, keys, cards, and a little cash can be the difference between a fun night out and crying over losing all your shit when you’re drunk.

Arguably, dancing with a bag bouncing all over your chest may kill your vibe. But your bag will come in handy if a guy tries to grind on you. Simply position your bag to create a space between your ass and the intruding crotch.

Consider investing in an aquapurse, a stylish water bottle handbag hybrid which can hold all your cards, money, and up to 700ml of ~liquid~.

7. Your bra strap is a secret pocket

If you die die don’t want to bring a bag, go light and stuff your belongings into your bra strap, aka your secret pocket. On a night out, you really only need your NRIC, POSB card, and house keys.

8. Never pee alone

Remember how in school, you always went to the toilet with at least one girlfriend? At the club, this rule is more important than ever.

Aside from making sure your lipstick is on point, your gal pal can hold your hair back or pass you tissues if you need to throw up in the toilet. And if you’re dead drunk, there’ll be someone to run out for help.

9. Club with a larger group of friends and have a 1:1 guy to girl ratio

The downside of clubbing in a big group: There’s a good chance you’ll lose track of your friends, that someone will lie too intoxicated to move outside the club, and there’ll be a drunk crying girl.

The upside of clubbing in a big group: With the 1:1 guy to girl ratio, there are more guys to intimidate and deter thirsty F-boys from approaching the girls.

When I club in a big group, it’s safer as my guy friends usually formed a strategic circle around the girls on the dance floor to ‘protect’ the girls from wandering hands.

But you gotta make sure the guys you go with don’t have any intention to hook up with you when you’re too drunk to say no.

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10. Dance on the podium

clubbing tips

All-girls safe space on the podium

Alternatively, dance on the podium. You get more space to move, and you don’t have to deal with pervs trying to touch you.

11. Avoiding unwanted male attention

If someone hits on you and you ain’t feeling it but are too shy to reject their advances, here are some ways you can respond:
1) Grab your girlfriend and say you need to go to the toilet. Leave and never come back.
2) Say you have a boyfriend, and you’re not interested in him.
3) Say you have a girlfriend, and you’re not interested in guys.

Ultimately, you need to make the move to walk away from the source of unwanted attention.

12. Tell your friends exactly where you are

At clubs, there are good-looking guys aplenty and sometimes, a handsome stranger might ask you to go somewhere to talk, makeout or dance for a bit.

If you decide you wanna get with a random dude, always tell your friends. Making sure your friends know where to look for you means they can keep an eye on you and bail you out if he gets too gropey- or starts becoming violent.

13. Never drink from a cup that has left your hands

Though Singapore is pretty safe, it’s unwise to take your safety for granted. Drinks can be spiked with drugs and even cigarette ash.

Don’t leave your drink unattended. If a stranger buys you a drink because you’re a pretty young thing, make sure you watch said drink being poured so you know it’s not spiked.

Personally, I prefer to hold onto my glass, or down my drink in one gulp. This way, it’s easier for me to keep track of how many drinks I’ve taken and I’m 100% sure my drink is safe.

14. How to move through the crowd

Sometimes, it can get real crowded in clubs. If you need to make your way through a packed dance floor, know it’s easier to dance your way across than force your way through.

Also, remember to be polite and say “excuse me” as you cut a path through the mass of bodies. I usually hold onto my friends’ hands and keep my arms close to my chest so my boobs are protected from accidental bumps.

15. Let go only if you have sober patrol

Clubbing is only as fun as the people you go with. Preferably, go with responsible drunks you can trust.

If you choose to toy dangerously with your alcohol limit, have your less drunk friend watch out for you so you won’t be one of the casualties laying outside the club.

16. If someone tries to touch you, don’t let it slide

Unfortunately, sexual assault does happen in Singapore’s clubs. I know how some guys would purposely keep their hands low and palms out when walking through the crowd, in hopes of brushing against a girl’s ass or crotch.

While you can’t control how these boys act, you can stand up for yourself if you’ve been touched inappropriately. Shout, grab their hands, and get your friends to confront them if you’re too afraid.

Whatever you do, don’t think it’s okay because “these things just happen in clubs”.

Stay Safe When You Club

Hitting up club shouldn’t be a traumatic experience. With these clubbing tips in mind, throw on your favourite dress, keep safe and have a fabulous time.

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This article was first published on 21 February 2018 and last updated on 16 December 2023. 

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