Otah Clutch 

Classic Valentine’s Day gifts like roses and chocolates might work for new couples, but for long-time relationships who wish to spice things up, consider surprising your other half with the Valentine’s Day Gift Set that includes an otah clutch by homegrown otah chain Lee Wee & Brothers. No worries if you’re part of the singleton fam either ‒ you can still get the fashion-forward item for yourself to rock a tasteful look.   

The design

Made from coconut leaves, the otah clutch aka otah minaudière is handwoven by two artisans from Lee Wee & Brothers. The exterior of the stylish item brings to mind the weaving seen on a ketupat, which might have you craving another savoury dish. 

While brand-new handbags normally come with paper stuffing to give it shape, note that the otah clutch is filled with 10 individually vacuum-sealed premium mackerel fish coconut leaf otah instead. This means you won’t have to worry about smelling fishy when you carry the clutch. 

Otah Clutch 

Since the “material” of the clutch will naturally fade in the future, Lee Wee & Brother recommends avoiding storing heavy belongings in the clutch. This way, the accessory will last longer, and also retain its original shape.  

Otah Clutch 

All eyes might be on the whimsical otah clutch, but it is not the only highlight included in this unconventional item. There is also a floral arrangement included that features fresh blooms like roses, amaranthus, and orchids curated by their florist for you to surprise bae

That’s not all ‒ every purchase of the clutch also comes with a cooler bag filled with their newly launched products. You get to enjoy the season of love by indulging in a variety of otah pastes made from mackerel, prawn, and squid. 

The Valentine’s Day Gift Set with otah clutch costs $138. 

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day With This Otah Clutch

Show appreciation to your partner in an unforgettable way when you gift them this otah clutch during the Valentine’s Day season. Chances are, they might even be grateful for the “practical” gift and the delectable munchies that come with it. 

Since only limited quantities of the gift set are available, make sure to chope yours on Lee Wee & Brothers’ official website before they are gone. 

All images courtesy of Lee Wee & Brothers

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