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Pandora Christmas Charms

There are many reasons to get excited as the end of the year approaches. From attending Christmas gatherings to counting down with your loved ones, it’s also a perfect excuse to dress up for the festive occasion. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your look with some bling, Pandora has recently dropped their Christmas-themed charms for you to consider. 

The charms

Inspired by classic Christmas tales like The Nutcracker, the Festive Nutcracker 2022 Dangle Charm is a limited-time piece by Pandora. 

Pandora Christmas Charms

The enamel charm takes after the silhouette of a toy soldier from The Nutcracker, and is put together by detailed craftsmanship such as its realistically styled hair through microbeading. Giving it an extra magical touch, the back of the crown features the engraving of the year 2022. 

The Festive Nutcracker 2022 Dangle Charm retails at $89.

Christmas might be the season of giving, but you can capture the love in the air with this Metallic Red Christmas Heart Charm. The adorable Santa hat adds a dose of cuteness to the charm, and upon closer inspection, it has a surprise on the back ‒ an engraving that reads “All I want for Christmas is” and a heart motif. 

Remember to sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” when you gift bae this charm. 

The Metallic Red Christmas Heart Charm retails at $69.

It ain’t Christmas without a Reindeer-inspired charm and as part of the new release, check out the Red Nose Reindeer Murano Dangle Charm. The adorable accessory has its red nose made from frosted matte Murano glass alongside clear and red cubic stones decorated on the ring. 

The magic doesn’t end here ‒ the back of the charm features a heart cut-out and an engraving that reads “Let your light shine”. 

The Red Nose Reindeer Murano Dangle Charm retails at $89.

Pandora Christmas Charms

Let’s admit it ‒ many of us wanted a snow globe when we were younger because of the intriguing glitter and sequins that float inside the glass ball. No worries if you didn’t own one, as you can make your long-delayed dream come true with the Snowflake Snowglobe Dangle Charm. 

The charm is made from sterling silver and Murano glass, and on the inside of the glass ball, you’ll find a snowflake motif. The attention to detail on this charm is exquisite, as you can also find intricate motifs of snowflakes across the exterior of the globe and ring.

The Snowflake Snowglobe Dangle Charm retails at $129.

Pandora Christmas Charms

Flex your love for gingerbread houses when you wear the Festive Gingerbread House Charm on you. The delicious-looking accessory is put together by realistic caramel brown, red, and green enamel on top of motifs like lollipops, candy canes, and sweets. 

To “enter” the gingerbread house, you would have to go through a door that comes with a heart-shaped handle. Note how the roof also replicates a swirly red and white icing lined with rows of sparkling cubic stones. 

The Festive Gingerbread House Charm retails at $99.

Pandora Christmas Charms

If you have the tradition of decorating your house with Christmas stockings, perhaps this Festive Mouse & Stocking Charm might pique your interest. An adorable mouse peeks out from a stocking that comes with knitted texture details, and red and green enamel for an extra pop of colour. 

It gets even sweeter when you notice a candy cane inside the stocking along with the little mouse. 

The Festive Mouse & Stocking Charm retails at $69.

The anticipation for Christmas builds up with the Festive Car & Christmas Tree Charm as there is a Christmas tree tied to the roof of a car and wrapped presents in the back. As the car “drives” past you, check out how the car plate reads “X-MAS” as a way to honour the festive season. 

The Festive Car & Christmas Tree Charm retails at $89. 

Pandora Christmas Charms

Unlike the other charms, the Glitter Christmas Tree Charm is finished in 14k gold plating and decked with motifs of stars, hearts, and snowflakes, completed with red and green stones. The top of the Christmas tree also features a shiny golden star that symbolises the magical moment of the year. 

The Glitter Christmas Tree Charm retails at $129. 

Get Ready For The Holiday Season With Pandora’s New Christmas-Themed Charms

The best thing about Pandora’s charms is that you can string it through any bracelet or necklace to wear it as a wrist charm or pendant respectively. Whether you’re planning to get the Christmas-themed charms for yourself or gift them to a friend, they will no doubt add a festive touch to the wonderful time of the year. 

Interested folks can purchase the charms from all Pandora outlets and on their online shop

All images courtesy of Pandora

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