Sailor Moon Wedding Dresses 

Everyone has a different idea of what their dream wedding looks like—if you’re into that sort of thing, of course. For some, it’s a Disney fairy tale wedding. For others, it could be a Pokemon wedding, complete with Pokemon wedding rings. Sailor Moon lovers can soon get in on the action too with the Sailor Moon Wedding Dress collection.

Japanese wedding fashion brand Mariarosa has collaborated with the anime franchise on 6 dresses and 2 tuxedos. Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the series, oversaw the collection, so you know it’s legit. The designs include reproductions of ensembles depicted in the anime, as well as those inspired by the characters.

The Sailor Moon Wedding Dress collection will be available for rent from August 2020 at hotels and wedding dress boutiques across Japan.

Wedding dresses 


The Sailor Moon Model Dress (SLM0006) has a fitted bodice that opens up into a poufy skirt. Look closely and you’ll see the skirt is overlaid with glittering symbols representing Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians.

Go all out with the optional overskirt, collar and ribbon for full cosplay vibes. You can even opt for matching hair accessories and earrings.


True Sailor Moon fans will recognise the Usagi Wedding Model Dress (SLM0002) as the dress Usagi wore in the finale during her wedding to Mamoru. The silk dress has an A-line silhouette with rose motifs and a long tulle train. A necklace and earring set, veil and gloves complete the set.


Before she was Usagi, she was Princess Serenity. The Princess Serenity Model Dress (SLM0001) is an empire dress with a bejewelled upper half to mimic a tiara. Top off the look with an actual tiara and matching earrings.

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The Sailor 5 Warrior & Sailor Chibi Moon Image Dress (SLM0003) is a Paddle Pop in dress form. It bears the core colours of the 5 Sailor Guardians—Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus —and Sailor Chibi Moon. You can opt to add hair accessories, necklaces and earrings to the look.


The 4 outer solar system Sailor Guardians also get the chance to shine with the Outer Solar System Image Dress (SLM0004). The lace ombre dress goes from white to green, blue and purple to represent the colours of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn.

It’s not just the Guardians who acted as muses for the collection. Sailor Moon’s cat, Luna, inspired a dress too. Like the feline friend, the Luna Image Dress (SLM0005) is in black and purple. A yellow bodice and tiered overskirt sit atop the lamé-and-tulle extravaganza.


Make bae the Tuxedo Mask to your Sailor Moon with the Tuxedo Mask Model Tuxedo (SLM2001). The silk tuxedo can be worn with an optional cloak and top hat for extra dandy flair.

Like the Usagi Wedding Model Dress, the Mamoru Model Tuxedo (SLM2002) is modelled after the outfit worn at the wedding ceremony in the series finale. The collarless jacket with intricate gold embroidery adds a dapper touch to the proceedings.

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Mariarosa’s Sailor Moon Wedding Dress collection will be available for rent from August 2020 at hotels and wedding dress boutiques across Japan. Engaged Sailor Moon fans, it’s time to start planning a wedding photoshoot in Japan once travel restrictions are lifted.

All images courtesy of Mariarosa. 

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