Sanrio x Chupa Chups

If you have a sweet tooth, nothing beats the feeling of popping a Chupa Chups’ lollipop in your mouth when you were younger. Things are about to get even sweeter with the new Sanrio and Chupa Chups collection, complete with pouches and tote bags. 


sanrio chupa chups blue green

Designed intricately with character-inspired motifs, these blue and green pouches will be colourful touches to your OOTD. Decked with Pochacco and Cinnamoroll designs, the pouch’s exterior is also clear, so you can peek into your makeup products without having to zip it open. 

sanrio chupa chups cases

Tap into your inner girly side with the pink and purple pouches, decorated with My Melody and Kuromi motifs respectively. Besides pink and purple lollipop designs, the pouches also come with a Chupa Chups keychain at the zipper, as well as a larger logo in the centre. 

sanrio chupa chups red case

Saving the OG for last is the red Hello Kitty-inspired pouch. With strawberries, lollipop, and Hello Kitty designs, the pouch is decorated with a combination of all things sweet. Gift this to one of your Hello Kitty loving friends or to bae this coming Valentine’s Day.


sanrio chupa chups chains

If you’re looking for a companion on your travels, attach these adorable charms to your backpack. The left one above features My Melody in pink, clutching a Chupa Chups lollipop in hand with a cute pink ribbon atop her floppy ears. 

On the right is Hello Kitty, decked in a pink and red ensemble. Similar to My Melody, she’s holding a lollipop, with a Chupa Chups hair clip on her head. Both have outfits that resemble the Chupa Chups lollipops packaging, adding a special touch to the charms.

sanrio chupa chups chains 2

You can also consider the Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, or Pochacco charms for other character designs. 


sanrio chupa chups plushies 1

Drift off to dreamland with these plushies – there are designs of Pochacco, Cinnamoroll, and Hello Kitty to choose from. Similar to the bag charms designs, the characters are each holding lollipops, decked in Chupa Chups-inspired outfits. 

sanrio chupa chups chains

There are also the Kuromi and My Melody plushies available in pink and purple, which will make adorable cuddle buddies at home. 


sanrio chupa chups tote

Carry all your essentials in this blue Chupa Chups tote bag. Filled with different Sanrio character designs relaxing on a lollipop, the design features yellow stripes and a blue backdrop and handle. Wide enough to fit your laptop and other materials, bring this out whether you’re going to class or an outing with friends. 

sanrio chupa chups clear files

Just like the vanilla and strawberry flavours, these clear files have the same colours as the lollipop wrappers. With Sanrio characters and lollipop designs, they’ll make school work a tad less dreadful. 

sanrio chupa chups memo pads

Another thing you can place in your tote are these travel-sized memo pads. Coming with 5 designs, each one is decorated with different Sanrio characters and lollipops.

sanrio chupa chups stickers

If you want to add some pizzazz to your daily life, decorate your files or memo pads with these stickers. With Chupa Chups logos and Sanrio characters, these stickers can be pasted wherever you’d like – be it your phone cover or on your notebooks, to establish your ultimate Sanrio fan status. 

sanrio chupa chups hairclips

To look like the Sanrio plushies and the bag charms, complete your OOTD with these chio Sanrio hair clips, featuring characters such as Pompompurin and Tuxedo Sam. 

sanrio chupa chups keychains

Additionally, you can also hang these keychains on your items, such as your pencil case or backpack. With a Chupa Chups lollipop and an accompanying Sanrio character, they come with a gold holder that you can attach securely to your belongings. 

The Sanrio x Chupa Chups Collection Will Be A Sweet Addition To Your Daily Life

The Sanrio x Chupa Chups products will be a welcome pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. The collection will be available from 18 January 2023, and you can pre-order the products here now. 

All images courtesy of Shopper Scoop.

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