Sanrio x The Coop Idea

Hong Kong lifestyle brand The Coop Idea has collaborated with Sanrio on a range of tech devices. The collection stars icons like Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars, as well as the lesser known Marumofubiyori. Their images adorn wireless earbuds, wireless chargers, power banks and watch straps.


The collection is available on The Coop Idea’s website.

Sanrio BEANS+ True Wireless Earbuds

Sanrio x The Coop Idea’s BEANS+ True Wireless Earbuds let you ride the train in style with your favourite Sanrio characters peeking out of your ears. They offer up to 63 hours of play time on the go (based on 2 hours of play time per day) and are water resistant.

sanrio the coop idea hello kitty earbuds

There are 2 case designs for every character so you can switch up the covers depending on your mood. The first Hello Kitty case is cheery and colourful, with the cat surrounded by red and yellow tulips. The second case is more classic and minimalist, with the outline of Hello Kitty, tulips and her milk jar.

sanrio the coop idea my melody earbuds

My Melody fans can choose between the first design, with polka dots on the sides, and another version featuring the bunny playing alongside a friend.

sanrio the coop idea lts earbuds

While the Hello Kitty and My Melody earbuds have the same motif on both sides, the Little Twin Stars sees Kiki and Lala’s faces on the left and right. One of the cases has pastel pink and green on the sides to match their hair, while the other is in full pastel pink with an illustration of the Little Twin Stars and their friends.

Sanrio x The Coop Idea’s BEANS+ True Wireless Earbuds retail for HK$699 (~S$129).

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Wireless chargers and power banks 

The second item in the collection is a Wireless Charger. It is available in 3 designs: Hello Kitty, My Melody and the Little Twin Stars. Link the wireless charging pad to your computer and simply leave your phone on it to charge, without the unsightly cables. The Wireless Chargers retail for HK$259 (~S$48).

The third item in the collection is a Wireless Charging Powerbank. This time, all 4 characters are available: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars,and Marumofubiyori.

The power bank measures 127mm by 15mm, and has 3 ports: A USB output port, a Type-C input port and a Micro USB input port. Buy this to bring out with you once we are allowed to leave our houses again.

The Wireless Charging Power Banks retail for HK$299 (~S$55).

Watch straps 

The last item in the collection is the watch strap. Each order comes with 2 straps: the character of your choice, plus a plain blue strap. It is able to fit Apple Watch 42mm (Series 1, 2 and 3) and 44mm (Series 4 and 5). This time, the Little Twin Stars have been replaced by Ahirunopekkle, the small white duck.

The Watch Straps retail for HK$299 (~S$55).

Sanrio x The Coop Idea Collection Will Zhng Up Your Tech Routine

The Sanrio x The Coop Idea collection is now available on The Coop Idea’s website. You can order directly from the website as the Hong Kong-based brand offers international shipping. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, shipping and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed at this point—your patience and understanding will go a long way during this difficult time.

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All images courtesy of The Coop Idea

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