Scandinavian Pastel Home

When you think of Scandinavian interior design, a white colour palette, light wood furnishings and plants probably come to mind. Pastel pink, however, might not be part of the scene. Local interior design studio ArtMuse Interior shared a recent project that effortlessly combined pastel pink hues with a clean and minimalist design, resulting in a Scandinavian pastel home.

Living room

scandinavian pastel home living room

The living room forms the focal point of many houses, and this Scandinavian pastel home is no different. One side of the living room features a white brick wall, while the opposite side consists of a plain white wall on one end and a full-length mirror on the other. Floor-to-ceiling windows further create a feeling of openness, and allow for natural light to flood the place—a hallmark of Scandi interior design. 

scandinavian pastel home corridor

White and wooden furniture are the perfect foundation for pops of colour via pastel pink pillows, throws and home decor items. Vibrant flowers also play a part in adding life and colour to the house.  

Dining area

scandinavian pastel home dining area 2

Here’s a closer look at the dining area, which is part of the living room. The aforementioned full-length mirror sits right beside the dining table, making the whole space feel spacious and modern. 

Again, a white table with a marble finish and beige dining chairs are complemented with blush pink throws and dinnerware for visual contrast.  

The centrepiece in this area is without a doubt the cluster of globe pendant lights. It acts both as a work of art as well as emits warm light to let you enjoy a cosy dinner with your loved ones. 


scandinavian pastel home island table

Situated beside the dining table is a marble island tabletop with wooden high chairs that leads to the kitchen. Unlike the white brick walls in the living room, the glossy white tiles outside the kitchen will almost make you feel like you’re dining in a buzzy restaurant. 

Plate your desserts here as you chat with your guests in the dining room or enjoy a simple meal on one of the high chairs while watching your favourite show on the television.

scandinavian pastel home kitchen

The kitchen also follows a white colour scheme, with repeated accents from the dining area such as the marble countertop and glossy brick tiles. A see-through door separates the laundry room from the kitchen so you can cook in comfort. 

scandinavian pastel home kitchen tiles

The marble pattern extends beyond the countertops and onto the containers.

scandinavian pastel home kitchenware

Zhng your marble countertops with pastel pink kitchen accessories and tableware. Wooden boards and racks up the warmth factor of the primarily white kitchen, along with sprigs of pink dried flowers. 

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scandinavian pastel home bedroom 1

While the outdoor areas consist of white walls of various textures, the bedroom has blush pink walls and pillows that harmoniously blend with the white bedding and closet. Graphic white stripes take the blush pink from girly to edgy.  

Like the round lamps at the dining area, the bedroom also has a globe pendant light. A mini bouquet and candle perched atop the bedside table give off a warm and cosy vibe. 

pink curtain

In another room, deer portraits on the wall to add artistic flair. Put up flowy pink curtains and this room is immediately fit for a princess. 


An elevated wooden platform makes the perfect spot to read, play or even take a nap. 



Marble finishings—walls, tiles and the countertop— give the bathroom a modern and luxe look, making it look extra Instagram-worthy. The rain shower is the ultimate finishing touch, allowing you to wash away any stress after a long day spent working from home. 

The usual silver toilet roll holder has been replaced with a black one that matches the mirror frame. The typical round sink has also been swapped out for a unique U-shaped sink. Lastly, a pastel pink sink cabinet ensures it ties in with the rest of the house. Your guests will almost feel like they’ve been transported to a hotel, and might even be tempted to spend hours in here taking selfies.

This Scandinavian Pastel Home May Be Your Next Dream Home

If you are thinking of renovating or designing your BTO into a pastel HDB flat, but have never considered mixing pastel hues with a Scandi aesthetic, look no further than this Scandinavian pastel home by ArtMuse Interior for inspiration. 

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