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So you’ve weighed the pros and cons of becoming a Singapore Girl and you want to give Singapore Airlines a shot. But before you can land the job, you’ll need to get through five rounds of Singapore Airlines cabin crew interviews, usually taking place over two days.

Here are insider tips on how to pass every stage with flying colours and become an SIA stewardess:

The 5 Interview Stages 

1. Introducing Yourself


When you’re seated inside the hotel, you’ll be greeted by a sea of good-looking hopefuls that might dampen your confidence. But remember, at the end of the day, this isn’t Asia’s Top Model. How you carry yourself matters most as a prospective Singapore Airlines stewardess. You’ll be in groups of 10, and your goal is to beat 7-8 of them in your group to be selected for the next round.

Once seated in a semi-circle, two interviewers will be asking basic questions about your life, background, past jobs, hobbies, and interests. It could be as simple as, “What’s your favourite food/colour?” Mostly, they aren’t looking for deep answers but rather how you speak in front of an audience.

Remember to showcase a warm personality and keep a friendly smile on your face. Getting past this round is simple as long as you keep an open mind and display self-confidence, not shying away from questions.

Sample questions: Why do you want to join SIA? Tell us about yourself. What did you do in your previous job?

2. Skin, Height, BMI Check

Firstly, here’s where the Singapore Airlines tattoo policy comes in: you can’t have any visible tattoos or scars that the kebaya can’t conceal, or body modifications such as stretched earlobes—that’s an immediate disqualification. Your body, arms and wrists need to be clean-looking as passengers will see your hands a lot. Use hand lotion for silky smooth skin!

Secondly, you’ll be told to stand under a lamp so they can check your complexion. This round isn’t much of an issue if you don’t suffer from patchy marks. And no, you don’t need to be as tall as Yao Ming, as long as you’re about 158cm above for girls, and 165cm for boys. This ensures you’re able to reach the overhead compartments on board.

If you’ve got a borderline BMI, they’ll monitor regularly during the training months to ensure it’s kept in check/improving.

They just need to know you’re able to handle jet lag and not the type to call in sick or ditch duties often. It’d be ideal to show interest in fitness and health, by mentioning your fitness routine, be it dance, gym or yoga.

3. Friendly Debate About Current Affairs

In this last round, you’ll be grouped into 4s. Each group will be split into two, for a friendly debate to express opinions on current affairs. An example would be your views of marriage in Singapore, or the pros and cons of smartphones. They want to test your ability to think on your feet, and observe how actively you contribute responses.

While you want to show them that you’re aware of current affairs, don’t focus on being the “star” because it doesn’t reflect well on your teamwork ability as a potential Singapore Airlines air hostess. Similarly, don’t be overshadowed by others. Take your a chance to speak, but also give others the opportunity to participate.

4. The 1-to-1 Assessment


Once you’ve reached this stage, you’ll be individually assessed and interviewed by a Cabin Crew Executive. There’ll be a reading test and a more personal Q&A. Just like your ‘O’ Level English oral exam, you’ll be assigned with sample announcements so they can test your pronunciation and ability to engage, interact and communicate with passengers as an SIA crew member.

They’ll also throw in some scenario-based questions to test your ability to react appropriately. Always respond the way a proficient service provider would.

Also, explain your points, instead of giving shallow, one-word yes/no answers.

Show that you’re mentally prepared by not stumbling on your words. Err, like, you know um, something like, this. Or being blur like, what? What did you say? Sorry, pardon? But don’t come in with a script and sound rehearsed like a robot!

Sample questions: What would make you a good SIA air stewardess? How do you cope with stress? What do your parents do?

Tip: Don’t forget to do your homework! Read SIA’s website prior to the interview, keep updated on the aviation news. You can always pull out useful information such as “I read about the new airbus XYZ, and was excited by how ______” to show your passion and knowledge.

And don’t ever say, “I want to join SQ because I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant but I couldn’t get into (X competitor) airlines.” You think SQ is our #1 airline for nothing, issit?

5. Kebaya Fitting


After which, is the kebaya fitting. Ensure you have good posture, and give your best walk. But Singapore Airlines is not a modelling agency, so no catwalks please. They just want to see if you look elegant in the kebaya. Walk naturally and remember—no slouching! Shoulders straight, chest out and chin up because body language is a vital sign of professionalism. When you walk, your feet should always land heel-to-toe.

Usually, at this stage, you should get an indication if you’ll get through. Some SIA girls with asymmetrical face shapes or protruding ears may be required to cut their hair into a bob or pixie to flatter their best features.

Then comes the medical review and tests, which should be easy to clear as long as you don’t have a complicated medical history. Some dancers may run into complications because of spine curvature. As an Singapore Airlines air stewardess, airsickness is also a definite no-no.

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Things To Avoid

Negative Body Language

Folding your arms and giving one-word answers indicates disinterest. It’s the little gestures they notice, such as whether you hold doors open for people. Or close them behind you softly when you are last in line.

Dressing To Seduce

Potential SIA girls: here’s not the place to werk that mini skirt and lace crop top.

Arguing With The Interviewer

sia interview secrets

They might probe you with trick questions to test how level-headed you are. So keep your reactions rational and never get defensive over something you can calmly talk your way out of.

Being Over-Friendly

Don’t crack jokes or converse just as how you would with your best friend because your superior might think you’re disrespectful.

Self-Destructing With “I” Questions

sia interview secrets

Don’t bombard questions about me, myself, and I such as “when can I visit Europe”. Always speak of how you can add value to the company as an SQ air stewardess, not the other way round.

Badmouthing  Former Employers

Even if they corner you and ask why you left your previous job, always turn things around and spin it in a positive light. E.g “It was challenging, but I learnt how to cope with stress and long hours. But I wanted to branch into a new industry and pick up new skills in SIA to further my growth.”

Landing Your Dream Job In Singapore Airlines

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It’s not that difficult to conquer the SQ stewardess interviews, as long as you’re a solid team player. All you need to keep in mind is to be polite, gracious, and approachable. And you can consider yourself an SQ girl in no time!

This article was first published on 26 January 2017 and last updated on 11 November 2023.
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