Singapore Airlines Mahjong Set 

Chinese New Year is 2 months away, but you can already start planning your festive activities, starting with a mahjong set by Singapore Airlines. This limited-edition mahjong set was inspired by the airlines’ signature batik motif and other flight elements, and is sure to impress your family this CNY.

The design

singapore airlines mahjong set

The mahjong set comes in a navy blue case with the tiles, chips, dice and marker.

singapore airlines mahjong case

Like the rest of the items from the KrisShop Batik Label, this mahjong set also features the batik motif, starting with the case. The pattern has been debossed on the front of the case for a sleek and subtle design.

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Tiles and chips

singapore airlines batik mahjong tile

The back of each tile is clear and glossy with a navy blue centre to make the gold batik motif stand out as the highlight of the set.

singapore airlines mahjong seat map plane engine

Aside from the patterns on the back of each tile, the front deserves just as much attention for its sheer creativity. The bamboo suit is represented by seat maps, with the first bamboo tile depicting the SIA logo. 

The usual circle tiles have been modified to resemble plane engines. The first circle tile also features the SIA logo, this time with a black ring around it to set it apart from the bamboo tile. 

singapore airlines mahjong plane window

The batik motif used by Singapore Airlines was inspired by local flowers. You’ll be able to spot flowers that represent Singapore in this set, including the Vanda Miss Joaquim, on the tiles for flowers and seasons. 

For those who love looking out the window on flights, you’ll be happy to know that your favourite part of the flight has been incorporated into this mahjong set as well, with the plane window replacing the classic white board tile.

singapore airlines mahjong chip

The coloured chips in the set also feature the iconic batik motif. To match the navy blue case, the dice and marker are in blue with gold details.

The Limited Edition Batik-Inspired Mahjong Set By Singapore Airlines Is Perfect For CNY 2021

The Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Mahjong Set is available for pre-order on KrisShop’s website now for $338. Delivery will only start from 14 January 2021. That means it should arrive just in time for Chinese New Year in February.

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