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Sex, or coitus, like what Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory calls it, is something that Singaporeans are engaging in less frequently compared to countries like Hong Kong, as indicated by a recent global study. While some point fingers at the stressful and fast-paced lifestyle in our country, there are numerous reasons contributing to these findings.  

To delve deeper into the topic, we recently conducted a poll on to determine how often Singaporeans, single or in a relationship, are having sex. 

The poll

Singaporeans Having SexFor illustrative purposes only

A total of 323 Singaporeans participated in the poll, with 54% being single and 46% in relationships. The results revealed that 6% of surveyed singles have sex daily, while 13% do it two to three times a week. 

Singaporeans Having SexFor illustrative purposes only

Singles who have sex once a week make up 15% of the poll results. Meanwhile, 7% engage in sexual activities once every two weeks, and 10% do it once a month. 

This suggests the possibility of these singles either having a friend with benefits aka FWB or participating in the hook-up culture to satisfy sexual cravings. But after all, there’s nothing wrong with any of the aforementioned actions as long as there is consent and safe sex is practised. 

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Interestingly, attached Singaporeans who participated in the poll show similar results. Only 5% have sex daily, 14% do it two or three times a week, and 15% make sex a weekly affair. 

On the other hand, 9% have sex once every fortnight, and 10% engage in sexual activities once a month. 

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While these results could be influenced by various factors, such as long hours of school and work commitments, other reasons could also include the lack of space and privacy for couples to have sex. For instance, many couples who are still waiting for their BTOs tend to reside in their respective family houses. 

These Poll Results Show That Single & Attached Singaporeans Have Similar Sex Frequency

Through the poll conducted on, it is interesting to note that both singles and those in relationships in Singapore have similar frequencies of sexual activity. To participate in this poll and many others, make sure to visit

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