Splurging On A Wedding

Whenever I attend a wedding, either as a guest or as a bridesmaid, I’m always reminded of how much I’ll have to spend the next time I have my own. Depending on each newlywed couple, some might want a grand wedding, whereas others prefer to tone it down a lil’ and save their money for other major expenses like a BTO and their honeymoon. 

While there is no rulebook on the “right” amount to spend on a wedding, Lemon8 user @Beevar shares why she and her husband spent $55,000 on theirs with no regrets.    

The wedding

Splurging On A WeddingFor illustrative purposes only

For context, @Beevar wanted an “extravagant pre-wedding shoot, but a simple wedding”, and her then-fiance preferred a “simple pre-wedding shoot, but a grand wedding ceremony to celebrate the big day with all his loved ones.” 

Since neither of them could compromise on their wants, they decided to get the best of both worlds ‒ an extravagant pre-wedding shoot and a grand wedding ceremony. 

$55k Singapore Wedding

Initially, they budgeted $20,000 for both the pre-wedding shoot and the wedding ceremony, but they soon realised that they were exceeding the limit little by little. 

“It went from $25,000, then $30,000, to $40,000, $45,000… until it started to frustrate us in the process,” @Beevar commented. 

Rather than stressing over what they had to skim and sacrifice for the pre-wedding shoot and wedding ceremony, they decided to no longer restrict themselves to a budget for the following reasons. 

1. Making an impact & meaningful purchases

Splurging On A WeddingFor illustrative purposes only

A wedding ceremony is when a couple commemorates their love, and receives blessings from their friends and family. Since @Beevar and her husband believe that every guest should have a wonderful time, they chose not to cut corners on important expenses, such as the banquet and wedding attire, while focusing on the value of things. 

“Saving money at the expense of providing good food for the guests, a nice wedding photoshoot, and a gown that you would wear once in a lifetime isn’t a smart idea,” @Beevar explained.

After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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With that being said, @Beevar pointed out that they also made purchases with the intention of using them beyond the wedding. 

For instance, she bought a new pair of sneakers for a casual pre-wedding shoot scene after realising that her current pair had a hole. Since it was a win-win situation for both the shoot and for everyday use in the future, @Beevar found the purchase meaningful. Adding on, @Beevar’s husband invested in a suit that is appropriate for both the pre-wedding shoot and future work events.  

This mindset allowed @Beevar and her husband to shop for quality products without compromising on their wedding. 

2. Eliminate certain wedding procedures & borrowing props

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Despite the aforementioned expenses, @Beevar and her husband also found opportunities to save costs by eliminating wedding procedures that didn’t resonate with them. 

While traditional couples might consider a gate crash a necessity, some couples choose to skip it for various reasons. @Beevar mentioned that it wasn’t a must for them to undergo one. Plus, they saved money on extensive wedding decorations because they were already contented with what the hotel provided. 

Eventually, it all boils down to the preferences of the couple. But before you go ahead and eliminate things, @Beevar advises discussing with important stakeholders like your parents and relatives to explore possible arrangements. 

Splurging On A WeddingFor illustrative purposes only

When it came to things that @Beevar and her husband weren’t particular about, they tried to reuse as many things as possible. 

“The fairy lights on our deco table were from his proposal, which was also reused as a prop in our pre-wedding shoot,” @Beevar elaborated. 

Furthermore, they borrowed numerous items from friends and family, such as bridal and support cars instead of renting them. 

3. Paying for an experience

Splurging On A WeddingFor illustrative purposes only

Most importantly, @Beevar and her husband highlighted the importance of paying for an experience. Compared to how people would pay for overseas trips and concerts, they felt that the money spent on a wedding is somewhat similar. 

“They are all experiences bought with money,” @Beevar emphasised. 

Apart from just taking pre-wedding photos and admiring the end product, they also had an enjoyable time during the photoshoot. Additionally, they didn’t engage a wedding planner because they wanted to get hands-on when it comes to conceptualising ideas and coordinating with vendors. 

Despite the ups and downs during their wedding planning process, @Beevar mentioned that it was the bonding and time spent together as a couple that made the journey memorable. 

Limiting Budget For A Wedding Might Not Always Be Worth It

Concluding her story on a lighthearted note, @Beevar mentioned that as long as they have enough money left in their bank accounts and everyone had a good time, she and her husband are satisfied with everything. This underscores the idea that there is nothing wrong with stretching your wedding budget if it allows you to form precious memories that won’t be created elsewhere. 

Nevertheless, we are not encouraging couples to overspend their means, but only to do so because they genuinely want to and can afford it. 

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