Starbucks Japan Pegasus Collection

When it comes to mythical creatures, unicorns rank high on the popularity list. The, ahem, dark horse in the equation is the pegasus. If you have been waiting for the winged horse’s time to shine, you’ll be glad to know that Starbucks Japan is putting the spotlight on the underrated magical creature with its latest collection.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse that emerged from the blood of Medusa when she was beheaded by Perseus. It may have dark origins but Starbucks Japan’s fantastical seasonal collection is anything but. Shades of pink, purple, yellow and blue act as a backdrop for pegasi, swans and shooting stars on tumblers, bottles and mugs.



The star of the show has to be this snow globe mug. Standing proud in the middle of the snow globe is a pegasus with a blue mane and tail. Shake the globe to see sparkling stars surround the magical creature. The porcelain lilac mug is meant to depict the night sky, dotted with shooting stars.

You can use the snow globe and mug separately or stack them up, depending on your mood and shelf space. The snow globe mug retails for ¥3,800 (~S$49.50).

starbucks-japan-pegasus-swan-mugBesides the pegasus, the other main motif of the collection is a swan. Like the iconic Starbucks siren, both the pegasus and the swan are wearing tiaras. The 355ml porcelain mug will keep you feeling like royalty even if you’re burning the midnight oil.

The swan mug retails for ¥2,200 (~S$28.65).

starbucks-japan-pegasus-star-mugFor those with butter fingers, this stainless steel mug will be your new constant companion. With a 355ml capacity, you can use it at home or even bring it along on your next outdoor camping adventure. Just imagine lying under the stars while holding this pearl white mug dotted with colourful stars.

The stainless steel star mug retails for ¥2,600 (~S$33.90).

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There are 3 tumblers in the Starbucks Japan pegasus collection. The 355ml resin tumbler on the left has a transparent body, which means you can transport the winged horse to different destinations depending on your beverage. It retails for ¥2,000 (~S$26.05).

The stainless steel tumblers in the middle and on the right have a vacuum double structure to keep your hot and cold beverages tasting as they should. The 355ml pegasus tumbler retails for ¥3,500 (~S$45.60). The last tumbler has embossed stars on an ombre background with a 473ml capacity. It retails for ¥3,800 (~S$49.50).


starbucks-japan-pegasus-bottlesThe bottles in the Starbucks Japan pegasus collection will lift your spirits instantly with their bright cheery colours. The 350ml stainless steel bottle on the left has pastel pegasus motifs enveloping the Starbucks logo. It retails for ¥3,900 (~S$50.80). If you’re not big on creatures of any kind, then the 380ml stainless steel bottle with a silicone sleeve and strap will be up your alley. It retails for ¥3,900 (~S$50.80).

The bottle on the right repeats the star and shooting swan motifs. The bottle has a double layer, which means you can store cold drinks in it without worrying about condensation. It retails for ¥2,400 (~S$31.25).

The last bottle in the collection has holographic stars scattered all over a frosted pink background. It has a 355ml capacity and retails for ¥2,000 (~S$26.05).

Starbucks Japan Has Pegasus & Swan Merchandise 

The Starbucks Japan pegasus collection launched on 24 June 2020. You can check out the items on Starbucks Japan’s website. Hopefully, it will make its way to Starbucks stores in Singapore. If not, you can submit a request on Airfrov. In the meantime, you can get your pastel fix with Starbucks’ Mr Whale collection, which is available in stores across Singapore and online.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Japan.

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