Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021

Fans of Starbucks might be having a hard time keeping up as Starbucks only just released their semi-transparent tote and sling bags last week. Now, they are back with their Mid-Autumn Collection for 2021, that includes 16 drinkware options such as cold cups, mugs and bottles. 

Taking inspiration from the annual festival, the collection features designs of bunnies and constellations. Read on to find out more about the latest drop that will make you “hop” straight into the festive spirit.  

Bottles and tumblers

Now that more Singaporeans are heading back to the office, you can store your hot morning brew or teh peng in one of these bottles or tumblers. 

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021From left: 16oz tumbler $45.90, 20oz bottle $50.90, 10oz bottle $32.90 

Decked in navy blue shades, these stainless steel tumblers and water bottles are suitable for both hot and iced drinks, ensuring that your drink will stay warm or chilled throughout the day. 

The tumbler on the left features a bunny looking up to the night sky, as if it’s stargazing. Both the bottles in the middle and the right come with a handle on top, making them easy to carry around. 

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021From left: 15oz bottle $36.90, 16oz tumbler $27.90, 14oz bottle $24.90

In this set of bottles and tumblers, you’ll find illustrations of a bunny taking a nap while surrounded by stars and constellations. The bottle on the right also comes with a yellow wrist strap – perfect for handing it on your backpack on your next hike to MacRitchie Reservoir.

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021

Keeping to the theme of the collection, Starbucks heavily features the moon ‒ a key symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Here, you’ll find the design of a bunny with a yellow moon in the background on the bottle. Plus, it comes with a blue wrist strap on the top. 

It is 18oz and retails at $27.90. 

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021Source

Grab your favourite drink with this navy tumbler that has a brown wrist strap by the side. Once again, the bunny constellation illustrations make another appearance on the tumbler.  

It is 12oz and retails at $45.90. 

Cold cup

Starbucks is known for their cold cups, and there is one in this collection ‒ the Stargazing Bunny Cold Cup. 

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021

True to its name, you’ll find a bunny at the bottom looking up into the night sky. Not to mention, the yellow moon in the middle makes a beautiful contrast to the dark background. 

The Stargazing Bunny Cold Cup is 24oz and retails at $29.90. 


Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021From left: 3oz mug, Stargazing Bunny Cold Cup, Floppy Bunny Mug

Bunny lovers can get right into the festive spirit with the white mug on the left. It takes the actual shape of a bunny and stands out with its golden constellation designs on its body. Since the mug has a capacity of 3oz, it is in the perfect size to hold small brews such as espresso. 

The mug retails at $21.90. 

On the right, you’ll find the Floppy Bunny Mug that has an additional bunny figure by the side of the handle. 

The 3D embellishment truly sets this mug apart from traditional ones, making it an excellent gift for family and friends. 

The Starbucks Floppy Bunny Mug is 12oz and retails at $28.90. 

At first glance, you’ll notice a bunny figure perching on the rim of the Reach For The Sky Mug. It looks as if it’s yearning for the night sky and makes an adorable addition to each sip of your favourite beverage. 

But that’s not all. Take a look inside and you’ll find illustrations of bunnies and constellations in the inner side of the mug too. 

The Reach For The Sky Mug is 12oz and retails at $30.90. 

From left: Starry Night Mug 12oz $29.90, 14oz mug $28.90, 12 oz tumbler

Starbucks also gets creative with the shapes of their mugs. The Starry Night Mug on the left comes in a geometric shape, decked in a blue gradient that fades from the top to the bottom. In the middle, the 14oz mug features a yellow moon surrounded by various bunny constellations in white. 

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Jar and saucer set

Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection 2021From left: Gradient Blue Glass Jar, Starry Night Glass Saucer Set

The Gradient Blue Glass Jar will make a chio addition to your Starbucks collection thanks to its sleek and minimalist design. Instead of the bunny and constellation design, you’ll find the Starbucks siren logo on the jar instead. 

The Gradient Blue Glass Jar is 40oz and retails at $37.90. 

Taking your Instagram feed to the next level is the Starry Night Glass Saucer Set. 

The geometric glass has an iridescent glow and bunny figurine sitting on the navy saucer that adds an adorable touch. Once again, you’ll notice patterns of the stars and bunny constellations on the saucer. 

The Starry Night Glass Saucer Set is 14oz and retails at $45.90. 


Completing the collection is the Floppy Bunny Pouch, which doubles as an adorable bunny plush. 


The golden medallion features the Starbucks siren logo and is paired with a navy keychain ‒ featuring the bunny and constellation designs yet again. Use it to store your loose coins or your TraceTogether token.  

The Starbucks Floppy Bunny Pouch is 15cm x 13cm x 11cm and retails at $27.90. 

The Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection Will Have You Hopping Into The Festive Spirit 

The Starbucks Mid-Autumn Collection can be purchased through the official Starbucks flagship stores on Shopee and Lazada. For those who prefer to get a peek of them IRL first, you can visit your nearest Starbucks store. For more information about the collection, check out the official Starbucks website

All images courtesy of Starbucks.  

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