Statement Earrings 2018

The spring/summer 2018 runways saw statement earrings making a huge comeback. With earrings which trail past shoulders and huge, sculptural pieces, these accessories serve as anchors to complete and draw attention to your outfit.

Instead of being cumbersome and heavy, these updated statement pieces are mostly made from lightweight materials like clear plastic, thread, and faux pearls.

If you want to wear a pair of huge earrings and not have to go for earlobe reconstruction surgery after, try out these statement earrings you can get from Taobao for under S$17.

And if you can’t Chinese, you can use a Taobao guide to help you with purchasing these steals.

Shoulder length XXL earrings

1. Diamante drop earrings

Buy them for 39.60 yuan (~S$8.29). Available in different lengths.

2. Black plastic floral earrings

Buy them for 78.00 yuan (~S$16.33). Available in red, blue, yellow, and green.

3. Multi-coloured tassel earrings

Buy them for 33.25 yuan (~S$6.96).

Clear plastic earrings

4. Clear plastic hoop earring

Buy them for 23.98 yuan (~S$5.02).

5. Plastic chain-linked earrings

Buy them for 8.80 yuan (~S$1.84). Available in matte black and silver.

6. Teardrop plastic earrings with pearl studs

Buy them for 9.00 yuan (S$1.88).

7. Gold-trimmed clear gem earrings

Buy them for 13.50 yuan (~S$2.83).

Sculptural shapes

8. Gold foil earrings

Buy them for 28 yuan (~S$5.86). Available in silver.

9. Distorted hoop earrings

Buy them for 18.99 yuan (~S$3.98). Available in silver.

10. Gold and matte red circle earrings

Buy them for 26.00 yuan (~S$5.44).

11. Tri-disc earrings

Buy them for 22.89 yuan (~S$4.79).

12. Gold floral earrings

Buy them for 11.90 yuan (~S$2.49).

13. Abstract petal earring in pearl

Buy them for 52.90 yuan (~S$11.08).

Drop earrings

14. Metallic scrunched drop earrings

Buy them for 38.00 yuan (~S$7.96).

15. Tubular gold wire studs with marble

Buy them for 18.99 yuan (~S$3.98).

16. Mother-of-pearl gold drop earrings

Buy them 9.97 yuan (~S$2.09).

Pearl earrings

17. Multi-pearl drop earrings

Buy them for 27.89 yuan (~S$5.84).

18. Diamonte and pearl earrings

Buy them for 13.80 yuan (~S$2.89).

19. Rose gold and pearl drop earrings

Buy them for 69.00 yuan (~S$14.35). Available in black pearl.

20. Clustered pearl earrings

Buy them for 38.80 yuan (~S$8.12).

Wearing Statement Earrings 

Using this list of statement earrings, stay ahead of the curve and slay the fashion game. As the saying goes, go big or go home!