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Thom Browne Pillow Clutch Bag

Feeling lethargic and sleepy constantly seems like the norm these days. Many times, we think about taking a nap during work or class to get that extra energy boost.

Making your dream come true is Thom Browne’s latest design, a pillow clutch bag that exudes both style and comfort and allows a quick, power nap at the same time. 

The clutch bag

A high-quality pillowcase makes a huge difference in sleep, and rest assured you can get your “quality sleep” with this Printed Silk Toile Pillow Clutch with Chain. 

Thom Browne Pillow Clutch Bag

Made from green printed silk toile, the clutch bag is padded to provide the fluff as seen from a normal pillow. This way, you can use it as an actual headrest whenever you feel like snoozing. 

Sleepyheads aside, art enthusiasts might also be interested in this clutch bag ‒ the exterior fabric features motifs of flowers, trees, butterflies, and birds that bring to mind a traditional painting.

Thom Browne Pillow Clutch Bag

On the edges, note how the clutch bag is indented with gold eyelets that allow the brass shoulder strap woven with printed ribbon to snake through. The inside of the clutch is also lined with stripes in Thom Browne’s signature colours ‒ red, white, and navy. 

Thom Browne Pillow Clutch Bag

Similar to how some pillowcases have zips on top, the clutch bag also features a zippered top closure that keeps your belongings secure.  

Thom Browne Pillow Clutch Bag

The Printed Silk Toile Pillow Clutch with Chain retails at USD$1,490 (~S$2,095). 


If the clutch bag isn’t impressive enough, there are also other Thom Browne items in the collection that are decked out in the same fabric design. 

From left: Printed Silk Toile Small Pillow Clutch, Printed Silk Toile Slipper

A smaller version of the pillow clutch bag is also available at USD$890 (~S$1,250), and it is capable of keeping your essentials like a phone and tissue packets. 

To match your pillow clutch bag, the Printed Silk Toile Slipper adds style to your OOTD at USD$550 (~S$773). The slip-ons also bring to mind hotel slippers for a cosy fit and provide a lil’ height to those who wish to stand taller with their low-wedge heels. 

This Thom Browne Pillow Clutch Bag Is A Novelty Fashion Item Not To Be Missed

Whether you’re gifting it to yourself or to a friend who always seems to be dozing off, this pillow clutch bag from Thom Browne is a unique item to add to your wardrobe, making it the priciest “pillow” that anyone owns. 

Interested folks can look out for more information and purchase the pillow clutch bag on Thom Browne’s official website.  

All images courtesy of Thom Browne.

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