SG Tinder Mata Instagram Account

With a current 58 follower count, the SG Tinder Mata Instagram account is no social influencer… yet. 

However, its witty captions and brutal commentary on Singaporean men left me slightly shocked and awed. 

Policing Singaporean men

The internet tends to police itself. And the SG Tinder Mata Instagram account has risen to the challenge of policing Singaporean F-boys running amok on Tinder. 

But will this rogue authority cure our dating app fatigue by jailing undesirable profiles? 

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Men are scored out of 10

The only dude who has gotten into their good books is 24-year-old firefighter, Zaki. 

His cheeky, “It’s my duty to enter when it’s extremely hot, and I never pull out until it’s dripping wet,” caption earned him a Smooth Citizen Award, although I’m unsure how pulling out when “it’s dripping wet” helps with anything. 

The rest of the men featured, however, did not get away scot-free. 

29-year-old Tim scored a big fat zero for a “copied template”, even though I am unaware of the source material of his Toyota Vios story involving candles and marshmallows.

He also scored a negative 3 for his height, poor thing.

To cite another example, 24-year-old Gerry who looks dope with jeans and a matching denim jacket scored a 5 out of 10 for his profile picture. Men served on the rocks seem to neither elicit a hot nor cold response from the Tinder Mata. 

What puzzles me the most is why the scores of various categories like their bios, photos and bonus do not add up to the final verdict. 

Check out 24-year-old Jie Heng who, by right, should be a catch with his Big 4 auditorship and “cat and dog photo” but instead passes by a hairline with a measly 5.5. Sad.

He should instead give the SG Tinder Mata a strict audit on their scoring guidelines.

SG Tinder Mata Instagram Account Rates, Reviews And Polices Singaporean Men On Tinder For You 

Parody Instagram accounts seem to be all the rage these days. And whether SG Tinder Mata can become our authority on Tinder men is yet to be seen.

For now, we prefer government-approved paraphernalia, like the iconic OCS singlet to help us separate the wheat from the chaff. 

I also wonder why only men are targeted.

For every dude with a “I am the bad guy your mum told you not to talk to” caption coupled with a cigar-smoking profile picture, is there not a female “Here for a good time, not a long time” equivalent?

Please police profiles with justice and equality for all genders, Tinder Mata!

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