DJ Jade Rasif Is Ready For Ultra Singapore 2019

What a rollercoaster ride of events this week it has been for Ultra Singapore 2019. More about that later, but we know at least one personality who is pumped up about it.

Straight-talking influencer and DJ Jade Rasif has posted on her Facebook page that she will be donning fabulous glitter and heels to the EDM festival.

While some fans have shown disappointment at the change in venue, Jade Rasif gleefully posted a 7-picture album of her favourite Ultra outfits and expressed why she is still excited.

Namely one, that there will be no mud and two, it will be air-conditioned.

It is this comfort-loving relatability that makes her one of Singapore’s most relevant influencers, IMO.

Event moved indoors due to “wet weather”

While Jade Rasif chose to see the lighter side of things, to others, the outdoor atmosphere of havoc and drinks is why EDM fans shell out good money for the event.

Naturally, they were disappointed, because how is partying in Marina Bay Sands any different from having a good time at Marquee Singapore?

It didn’t help that rumours were swirling that the event might be cancelled as fans didn’t see any stage being set up at the field outside Marina Bay Sands. Fans also railed on social media that they had yet to receive any wristbands or tickets for the event earlier in the week.

With less than a week to go, Ultra Singapore’s PR team was also slow in responding to explain the radio silence.

But they finally broke their silence 2 days ago that “the show goes on as scheduled”, albeit it being relocated to Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre “due to expected severe weather this weekend.”


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Ultra Singapore compared with Fyre Festival

The much-hyped Ultra Singapore used to be termed Singapore’s answer to Coachella in the past because of its lively atmosphere, unique retail booths and non-stop music.

But this year, it has been compared to Fyre Festival.

Fyre Festival gained infamy worldwide when Netflix released a compelling documentary on how the festival, branded as one of the world’s most exclusive experiences, fell apart into one of the world’s biggest let-downs.

Initially, the marketing team at Fyre Festival did a tremendous job promoting the music event. World-famous influencers like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber promoted the festival on their social media accounts, leading to great anticipation about the event.

Unfortunately, the founder of the festival was unable to organise the logistics and hyped-up acts like Major Lazer, Migos and Blink-182 cancelled in succession.

Worse, it caused tremendous losses for some of its Bahamian vendors as they never got paid for their work.

It provided a grave lesson to millennials not to believe in hype and marketing, especially influencer marketing.

Headliner Martin Garrix cancelled

While Ultra Singapore seems to have gotten their act together (unless things fall apart this weekend), another twist happened.

Superstar DJ Martin Garrix ,who was one of the headliners of Ultra Singapore 2019, cancelled due to an ankle injury sustained recently in Las Vegas.

But fret not, because other headliners like Skrillex and Axwell will still be in town to get you to put your hands up in the air! Or at least the organisers claim.

DJ Jade Rasif Excited For Ultra Singapore

Will Ultra Singapore still be the go-to outdoor party in years to come? Or will a more worthy one take its place?

Until then, DJ Jade Rasif is all ready to get her heels and glitter on at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. And if another one of the acts cancels, she can very well take over the turntable too.

The only question we would like answered is: will LiHO still be dispensing alcoholic bubble tea at the event?

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