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UNIQLO x Peanuts

Besides collaborating with artists for exclusive UT collections, UNIQLO holds the UT Grand Prix (UTGP) annually. Artists from all over the world get an opportunity to come up with and submit an original T-shirt design each year.  

This year, the theme was Peanuts, and UNIQLO received more than 14,000 entries from across the world. The collection includes T-shirts featuring the 11 winning designs, showcasing all-time favourite characters like Snoopy and friends.

Adult tees

If you’re wondering, Peanuts was the theme for this year’s UTGP because UNIQLO wanted to honour what would have been the 100th birthday of Charles M. Schulz, who created the popular Peanuts comic strip. 

Paying tribute to him, the collection showcases creative takes on the Peanuts gang.

UNIQLO x Peanuts

The Snoopy T-shirt on the left uses only simple lines to form the outline of the comic beagle. The design provides a refreshing twist on a standard striped T-shirt, and allows you to express your love for Snoopy subtly. 

The sweltering weather in Singapore means we’re always looking for an opportunity to escape from the heat. If that’s something you enjoy doing with your BFFs, consider this “Chill out with friends” Snoopy T-shirt. Featuring Snoopy floating in a glass of lemonade, the design also includes Woodstock sliding down the straw, which brings to mind a waterslide. 

Spread love and positivity when you put on this Snoopy Love T-shirt in beige. Snoopy grins cheekily while peeking through the alphabet O, alongside Woodstock, who’s sliding down the inside of V.

Heads up if you’re a skater girl ‒ the Skate Lucy T-shirt is perfect for those who love both Peanuts and skateboarding. The design features the back view of Lucy, sitting on a skateboard in her signature blue dress. 

UNIQLO x Peanuts

Ice cream is comfort food for some, and it seems to be the case for the Peanuts gang too. Stacked on each other like scoops of ice cream, the character head “dessert” is topped with a cherry on Snoopy’s head.

We know Snoopy as a good-natured beagle, so the toothy, mischievous grins he and Woodstock display on the black T-shirt make this fit for the ones with a rebellious side. 

UNIQLO x Peanuts

Having a social media presence is a norm these days – this T-shirt imagines what Snoopy’s Instagram page would look like. Inspired by the social media platform, the back of the T-shirt features Snoopy’s IG grid. On the front, you’ll spot Woodstock taking a photo with his camera. 

Each adult T-Shirt retails at $19.90.

Kids’ tees

Match your look with your little ones when you dress them up in one of these Peanuts kids’ tees. 

The yellow T-shirt nods to the friendship of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, as the former asks the latter to “Gimme a bite” of his ice cream. If your child prefers pastel shades like the T-shirt in light blue, it’s completed with a dreamy cloud silhouette of Snoopy.   

Featuring all the members of the Peanuts gang, this black T-shirt has them in adorable 8-Bit pixel art designs. On the front, you’ll find Snoopy and Woodstock and the other characters in a 3×3 grid on the back of the shirt. 

UNIQLO x Peanuts

Perfecting a skateboarding trick is never easy, but Charlie Brown makes it seem like a piece of cake through the timestamp design that runs around the side of this T-shirt. The timestamp shows the moments when  Charlie Brown jumps, peaks in the air, and also where he lands with Snoopy beside him. 

Each kids’ T-shirt retails at $14.90.

These UNIQLO x Peanuts T-shirts Bring A Smile To People Of All Ages

Consider this adorable UNIQLO x Peanuts collection if you’re planning for new additions to your wardrobe. They work as excellent BFF friendship T-shirts, and also allow you to go for a matchy look with your young ones. The collection will be available starting from 27 May 2022 in all UNIQLO stores, and on UNIQLO’s official website

All images courtesy of UNIQLO.

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