UNIQLO x Retro Peanuts Collection

If the past four UNIQLO collaborations with the comic series Peanuts weren’t enough to prove to you that the Snoopy hype is real, perhaps a fifth collection might do the trick. This April 2023, UNIQLO and Peanuts have joined hands once again with a new retro Peanuts collection, featuring bold graphic prints and comic book artworks of Snoopy and friends.

The collection

UNIQLO Retro Peanuts

Calling all fitspos: if your day isn’t complete without an evening jog in the park, perhaps it’s time to flex your love for exercising with this white Snoopy tee. It features the dog character enjoying a run with the words “jogging is my thing!” etched above his head.

This next yellow tee is inspired by Snoopy’s best friend Woodstock. Despite being a lover of adventure, the back of the tee reveals that “Woodstock can’t find his own way South”, as the cheerful bird is seen riding on a skateboard.

For those who caught the travel bug now that the pandemic restrictions have eased, get this light blue Linus shirt that says “this blanket offers me wonderful opportunities to travel” on the back. 

However, instead of a plane, Linus’ mode of travelling is hilariously through Snoopy tugging on one end of the blanket while he holds on for dear life on the other.

UNIQLO Retro Peanuts

Get ready for a fun game of baseball with Charlie Brown in this dark green tee. It showcases Charlie Brown geared up in a hat, glove and bat on the front, with the phrase “okay, team… we’re up to bat!” on the back.

UNIQLO Retro Peanuts

Join Snoopy and Woodstock in a game of basketball on this coral tee, as the pair questions “how about a slam-dunk?” on the back.

UNIQLO Retro Peanuts

If you’d rather lay in bed and nua the weekend away, this black tee may be more up your alley. Despite the phrase “weekend workout” on the front, the design on the back features Snoopy and Woodstock laying down together for a nap on Snoopy’s doghouse.

The New UNIQLO Retro Peanuts Collection Will Add Some Fun To Your Casual OOTD

The UNIQLO Retro Peanuts collection is now available on UNIQLO’s website and in-stores islandwide at $19.90 each. Kids can also get similar designs at $14.90 each, along with matching sweat shorts at $19.90.

All images courtesy of UNIQLO.

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