UNIQLO Sustainability Campaign x Doraemon

With fast fashion on the rise, it’s easy to succumb to cheap and trendy clothing without realising its harmful effects. To encourage customers to be more environmentally conscious, UNIQLO US has announced a global campaign titled JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING.

This time round, UNIQLO’s sustainable campaign ambassador is Doraemon, decked in new green hues instead of his classic blue, to bring across the message of literally going green.

The collection

UNIQLO Sustainability Campaign Doraemon

The short-sleeve crew neck tee in this collection features a pocket on the front with an adorable print of green Doraemon. On the back, a simple and minimalistic campaign logo stating “unlocking the power of clothing” is featured.

Kids’ tees in similar designs are available, so you can encourage your young ones to be more environmentally conscious too.

UNIQLO Sustainability Campaign Doraemon

Say goodbye to plastic bags and opt for sustainable bags instead while on your shopping sprees. The Doraemon eco-bag in this collection is decked in unique Doraemon prints. It can also be neatly folded and placed in your purse when not in use.

UNIQLO Sustainability Campaign Doraemon

If you can’t get enough of this green version of Doraemon, take this cute plush toy home with you. While it may not be the blue colour palette that Nobita is used to, Doraemon’s magic remains just as strong. The plush toy serves as a reminder to recycle and strive for a better tomorrow for our Earth.

Items made from recycled materials

UNIQLO Sustainability Campaign Doraemon

Apart from shopping from the Doraemon collection, customers can also head over to UNIQLO US’s website to discover featured items made from recycled materials. Now you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by looking fashionable and saving the Earth at the same time. 

From biker shorts to high-rise jeans, each purchase of a UNIQLO item made from recycled materials will support The Nippon Foundation with their ocean clean-up program.

The UNIQLO Sustainability Campaign x Doraemon Is An Adorable Reminder For Us To Go Green

The UNIQLO JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING global campaign launched on 1 July 2022 and is ongoing all month. While the new Doraemon merch is only available in UNIQLO US for now, stay tuned to UNIQLO Singapore’s campaign page for potential updates of these tees and plush toys reaching our stores in Singapore. 

In the meantime, check out UNIQLO’s latest Final Fantasy collection with playing cards for the game’s 35th anniversary. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO US.

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