Upcycled McDonald’s Uniforms

With the rise of thrifting and upcycling clothes culture around the world, brands and youths are both doing their part for the earth through sustainability. Finnish fashion brand VAIN is no exception, having collaborated with McDonald’s Finland to upcycle their staff’s used uniforms and create new, street-style ones. 

The collection

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The 27-piece collection uses the colours of the franchise – red, yellow and black. Their jacket includes the VAIN and McDonald’s logos, with multiple belts featuring the iconic “M” making up the lower half of the fit. 

Another uniform design makes use of a blue blouse and a small yellow “M” logo on the left corner of the shirt. Pairing it is a black cap, with the words “l can take you to my favourite restaurant” in bold white letters – which gives a grungy aesthetic to the fit. 

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For a girlier option, the collection has a grey dress, complete with a black tie to bring it all together. With a cute “M” logo cap, white socks and black strappy slippers, the staff will be able to serve in style. 

Another design includes a V-neck long-sleeved black shirt, with an adorable black “M” bag accompanying the look. Instead of the food, perhaps the real snack will be the staff instead. 

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Chic isn’t reserved for designer brands. Paired with blue jeans, the black zip-up turtleneck shirt with a ‘M’ logo is perfect for a day out. It also includes a “M” belt and cap.

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of McDonald’s chilli sauce, check out this red hoodie with a yellow “M” in the middle. The shoulders of the hoodie are even squared to resemble the packet IRL. Top it off with some sweatpants and boots, and the overall look will be a whole meal. 

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Around the world, McDonald’s has always been a staple and we’ve been lovin’ it faithfully. With a simple button-up black dress, the McDonalds’ love can be shown through its “M” logo and a “V” to connect beneath, creating a heart. With a pair of boots, this chio outfit becomes even cuter. 

The staff would even be able to show some skin with this off-the-shoulder blue blouse and black cover-all. Whoever said that you can’t be stylish at a fast food restaurant is clearly wrong.

This Upcycled McDonald’s Workwear Collection Is Proof That Everything Can Become A Chic Fit 

With much more to offer in their workwear collection, VAIN has definitely taken things to the next level with their creative and outstanding ideas. Plus, it helps in saving the environment as well. 

However, despite how much we may want to rock these fits for ourselves, currently the 27 pieces and 13 looks will only be available to Finland McDonald’s employees. You can check out VAIN’s website for the collection and other merchandise. 

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