Want Want Snack Vending Machine Toys

Old school snacks like spicy tapioca chips and gem biscuits are part of almost every Singaporean’s childhood. And if you’re already feeling nostalgic from thinking about them, wait till you check out miniature vending machine toys from Want Want ‒ home of iconic snacks like rice crackers and mini milk buns.  

The designs

In case you’re wondering, the Want Want collectibles are packed inside blind boxes. This makes things a lil’ more exciting as you won’t know which design you’ll get until you open it up. 


The collection has 8 designs, each featuring a popular snack from Want Want like mini milk buns, milk beverages, milk candies, snowy rice crackers, wafer sticks, green peas, QQ gummies, and potato twists.

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Inside each vending machine toy, you’ll find mini replicas of the snacks with intricate details. As they are actually inedible, don’t try to fish them out for a taste.

On top, there are also elements unique to the snack ‒ the toy that features snowy rice crackers has a layer of “snow” and half-eaten rice cracker, and the one with mini milk buns has a crate of “freshly made” buns.  

Want Want Snack Vending Machine ToysSource

Green peas might be a hit or miss for some, but it’s hard to resist this adorable toy with details like pea pods and a bee. If chewy candies are your go-to treats, you might be interested in the next toy design that features Want Want’s signature milk candies in red wrappers.


The collectible that features colourful fruit gummies might pique the interest of those with a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, wafer sticks enthusiasts also get to express their love for the snack with the brown vending machine toy.

Want Want Snack Vending Machine ToysSource

Potato twists from Want Want might not have a huge fan base compared to other snacks, but there’s no denying that the purple vending machine is cute AF. It has a castle motif on top alongside its signature red “X” at the bottom. 

Want Want’s iconic milk beverage is also featured in the collection, and not surprisingly the vending machine toy is in red. 

These Want Want Snack Vending Machine Toys Are Adorable Collectibles To Have

There’s no denying that Want Want snacks are enjoyed by all ages, and if you’re also a collector of novelty items, you might want to consider this adorable collection. The Want Want snack vending machine toys are available in a set that retails at RMB468 (~S$98.20) on Taobao

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