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It’s normal to feel a bit sian sometimes, especially with our fast-paced lives in Singapore. To relieve stress, some of us may turn to cat cafes for animal therapy, whereas others turn to art jamming for art therapy. But what if we could get the best of both worlds? 

Wildflower Studio Singapore is both an art jamming studio and a cat cafe, so you can freely paint a canvas while an adorable cat sits on your lap.

The studio

Just like a typical art jamming studio, everything you need to work on your painting will be prepared for you — a canvas, paintbrushes and paint. At $48 for 2.5 hours, customers can sign up for a semi-guided art jam package with cats roaming around the studio. 

Be prepared for the cats to snuggle up to you while you’re painting — it’s an extra cute distraction that we can’t complain about. 

Wildflower Studio

The session first begins with a Cat Circle Time, where participants will sit together in a circle and will be introduced to the cats. 

You’ll be able to get up close and personal with the cats by feeding them treats. This is an important social step, as most of these cats are foster cats who are still learning to be comfortable around new people.

Wildflower Studio

Next, participants can choose a variety of mediums to work on: square canvas, rectangle canvas, tote bag, round wood board, nesting dolls and peg dolls.

Not to worry if you’re an art newbie — apart from the cats, art facilitators will also be walking around to teach you some paint techniques to zhng up your artwork.

Wildflower Studio

And if you’re just here for the cats, Wildflower Studio understands. Opt for their “Chill Out with Cats” package at $20 per hour, where you can choose to either spend time with the cats or do art jamming only.  

Do note that unlike this package, the semi-guided art jam with cats package also includes a feeding session, where visitors can pick a cat of their choice to feed. So you might want to consider your options and interests carefully before deciding.

As more paw-rents are encouraging an “adopt, don’t shop” mindset, Wildflower Studio’s cats are all up for adoption too. The studio works together with cat rescue groups, with proceeds going into their cat fostering and socialisation programme.  

For those who are interested in adopting a fur baby of your own after meeting them at the studio, you can fill in the form on Wildflower’s website.

Wildflower Studio Doubles As An Art & Animal Therapy Studio For Your Next Date With Bae

Whether you’re looking for a fun date idea with bae or you’re ready to bring a kitten back to their forever home, Wildflower Studio has everything you need for a good time. Head over to their website for more information or to book a session. 

For more date ideas, check out the upcoming POP MART x ActionCity Toy Show in Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Wildflower Studio.

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