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If you grew up with 2nd Generation K-pop idols, songs like “Gee”, “Into the New World” and “Genie” probably dominated your playlist. The grip that Girls’ Generation had on us fans was undeniable. 

International K-pop stans can all relate to the pain of patiently waiting for our idols to visit our country. Luckily, Singaporean Sones can now catch Girls’ Generation’s Yoona at ION Orchard on 28 September 2023 for two exciting events with Estée Lauder.

The event


ICYMI, Yoona was named as Estée Lauder’s Asia Pacific Ambassador back in 2020. Earlier this year, the idol and actress was also spotted making an appearance at Estée Lauder Korea’s event.


On 28 September 2023, Yoona will be heading down to Estée Lauder ION Orchard Boutique at 11am, followed by the Estée Lauder Beauty Sleep Lounge in Paragon Atrium at 6.30pm. 

That’s right — this means that Sones who are busy during the day will still be able to catch a glimpse of her in town in the evening.

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The first 50 fans who purchase Estée Lauder’s The Hydrated Radiance Set at $243 will also be selected to enter the exclusive event zone at ION Orchard or Metro Paragon. Meeting Yoona up close? Yes please.

The set is only limited to one purchase per person, and is now available at Estée Lauder’s ION Orchard Boutique and Metro Paragon. According to Estée Lauder’s Instagram page, the fans will be selected on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to secure your slot ASAP.

Catch Girls’ Generation’s Yoona At Estée Lauder ION Orchard Boutique On 28 September 2023

Whether you’re a hardcore Sone or simply can’t get enough of Yoona and 2pm’s Junho’s chemistry in their latest drama King The Land, make sure you better run, run, run, run, run to town to catch her IRL. For more information, head over to Esteé Lauder’s Instagram page

And if you’re intending to chase more K-pop idols in Singapore, don’t miss out on the upcoming HallyuPopFest in November

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