Beyond The Vines Carnival Bag

When it comes to stylish and functional bags, Beyond The Vines is no stranger to ticking off both boxes. It has also been making leaps in cementing its name as the go-to homegrown fashion brand. 

Come this 1 June 2023, they are launching their new Carnival Bag in five different options that add a pop of colour to your Summer OOTD.  

The designs

Designed to be an everyday carryall, the Carnival Bag is made from a blend of mesh and water-resistant nylon. This means that even if you get caught in the rain, chances are, your Carnival Bag won’t get drenched. 

Beyond The Vines Carnival BagThe Carnival Bag in Black Colourblock

What sets the Carnival Bag apart from other bags is its reversible design, which showcases a vibrant contrast base. For instance, the Carnival Bag in black colourblock features both blue and grey bases.

Since the bag also comes with an additional compartment to keep nifty essentials like house keys and eye drops, rest assured you won’t spend a long time finding them in your bag. 

You’d know that the Carnival Bag is dedicated to offering customers different ways to style their looks, thanks to its short and long handles. Whether you wear the bag over your shoulders like a tote or carry it with your hands, this versatile bag ensures comfort and convenience.  

Beyond The Vines Carnival Bag

The best part? The Carnival Bag offers the best of both worlds. Not only does it fold into its inner pocket, but it also boasts a spacious storage capacity ‒ it saves space when not in use and makes it the ideal bag for travelling overseas. 

From left: The Carnival Bag in Cream Colourblock, The Carnival Bag in Mint Colourblock

To put it simply, the bag allows you to bring along all of your barang barang, whether you’re heading to a beach with bae or going to the library for a last-minute cram session.

Beyond The Vines Carnival BagFrom left: The Carnival Bag in Navy Colourblock, The Carnival Bag in Khaki Colourblock

If you’re planning to diversify your wardrobe with a statement piece, consider getting the Carnival Bag, which is available in five different options. 

The Carnival Bag retails at $89. 

Start A New Fashion Trend With Beyond The Vines’ New Carnival Bag

Products from Beyond The Vines tend to sell out fast, so you’d want to mark your calendar once their new Carnival Bag drops on 1 June 2023, 12pm. Interested folks can purchase them on Beyond The Vines’ official website, and at all their physical stores. 

All images courtesy of Beyond The Vines.

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