BT21 Minini Bluetooth Mics

Whether you’re an Ariana Grande in the making or someone who just enjoys belting your favourite song, there is no denying that karaoke nights with our loved ones are something that we’ve all missed dearly during the pandemic.

Bringing your bonding sessions to the next level, you can now zhng them up by singing with these cute BT21 Minini Bluetooth microphones.

The microphones

BT21 Minini Bluetooth Microphones

Each microphone comes with a different character with an LED display reminiscent of a drive-thru sign — you can even add some superstar vibes to your performances by switching on the LED lights as you hit your notes.

For those who are slightly confused with what the Minini series is, it is basically the ultimate baby version of the BT21 characters. ICYMI, BT21 was created by BTS members back in 2017, with each member having a character of his own.

BT21 Minini Bluetooth Microphones

Fans of the reliable leader, RM, can look forward to getting this baby blue Koya mic. With a shiny chrome finish, this Bluetooth device mimics the members’ actual mics perfectly.

BT21 Minini Bluetooth Microphones

Challenge yourself to Jin’s high note in “Epiphany” with this silver-coloured RJ microphone. 

BT21 Minini Bluetooth Microphones

With the BT21 Minini series, it seems like Shooky has gotten an upgrade to its tiny but adorable stature. This dark grey Shooky mic allows you to admire the character as well as the details in the LED display.

BT21 Minini Bluetooth Microphones

Rap along to J-Hope’s new solo album using this pink Mang microphone for an added oomph to your fangirling experience.

While we wait for PJM1 to drop, we can always appreciate his pre-existing masterpieces with this bright gold Chimmy mic.

There’s no need to put your Tata mic face on when you have the light green version of it.

Though we can’t guarantee that you’ll sound like Jungkook with this purple Cooky mic, we certainly do hope that you’ll have an amazing time jamming out to your favourite tunes.

To make your karaoke sessions even more exciting, there are different settings like echo and bass for you to play around with.

You can also connect your devices to the mic to play the tracks if you choose not to go full-out acapella.

These BT21 Minini Bluetooth Microphones Will Make You Feel Like A Born Singer

As we wait for the rest of the BTS members to release their solo albums, we can reminisce on the good times by singing along to our favourite songs using these BT21 Minini microphones.

The mics are now available on the official LINE Friends Collection website for USD$55 (~S$75.93). 

All images courtesy of LINE Friends Collection.

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