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As Singapore welcomes the night life back with full force, many of us are scrambling for a taste of that TGIF high once again. If you’re looking to spice up your night with something different, Clinic is a new LGBTQ-friendly bar disguised as a conversion therapy clinic promising to get you — in their words — “straight… to heaven”.

Marketing tactic with Titus Low

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For those who are active on TikTok, you might have seen a few clips of OnlyFans creator Titus Low “vandalising” a conversion clinic by spray-painting the words “fxxk you” on the walls. Clinic’s co-owner, Jasper Goh, took to his Instagram page to reveal that it was all part of their marketing scheme.

Jasper explained that the concept behind the “clinic” was to have a place that’s completely opposite to what is supposed to be inside. Aiming to raise awareness about the harmfulness of conversion therapy, the bar was created as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community instead.

The bar

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On 6 August 2022, Clinic opened their doors to the public, spotting huge crowds at its unique entrance. Titus Low’s “vandalism” appears to have been cleaned off, offering a clean clinical atmosphere in place to snap quirky OOTD pics.


If the exterior of the bar wasn’t shocking enough for you, the bar’s interior features a photowall with crude graphics and derogatory messages like “you are a f*g!” and “eat my *ss!” 

Posing with this wall is pretty much saying “F you” to all the homophobes out there. There’s just something empowering about a gay bar owning these slurs to prove haters that nothing can bring them down.

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Like most bars, you can expect colourful strobe lights and a wide bar counter to keep the drinks flowing.

Drag shows and menu highlights

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While Pride Month may be over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch anymore drag performances until the next year. At Clinic’s grand opening, the bar also hosted a series of drag performances to kickstart the fun. 

Don’t fret if you missed out on the fun — there will be more to come on special nights. Stay tuned to Clinic’s Instagram page for more information.

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Get your “medical prescription” in the form of strong alcoholic drinks, as Clinic’s menu consists of martinis, cocktails, shooters and more.​​ The full menu is available on their Instagram highlights.

Clinic Is A LGBTQ-Friendly Bar Raising Awareness About The Harmfulness Of Conversion Therapy

Unfortunately, conversion therapy still remains a common form of “treatment” for the LGBTQ+ community today. But with bars like Clinic making their mark in society, hopefully, we’ll be able to expand more of such spaces for the LGBTQ+ community to be themselves. 

As quoted by co-owner Joey Tan, “the next time someone gets sent to a conversion clinic, I hope it will be the safe space that’s created at 43 Neil Road”. 

Neil Conversion Clinic
Address: 43 Neil Road, Singapore 088825
Opening Hours: 7pm to 12am (Mondays to Thursdays) | 8pm to 1am (Fridays) | 8pm to 2am (Saturdays)

Cover: Source, image courtesy of a ZULA reader

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