Converse x Scooby Doo Sneakers

Before CSI and Law & Order, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! was where ’80s and ’90s kids got their daily dose of adventure. Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred kept us entertained with their hijinks as they solved all sorts of mysteries in order to save the world. Well, with the new Converse x Scooby Doo collection, Scooby and the rest of Mystery Inc. can now be found on your feet.

Inspired by the childhood cartoon, there are unisex sneakers for adults and kids, as well as apparel. Besides the main cast, some villains make a cameo on the Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck 70 sneakers too.

Unisex designs


The Mystery Machine in all its psychedelic glory was an integral part of the gang’s adventures. Pay homage with these Chuck 70 sneakers, which feature the van’s signature trippy graphics via a blue and lime green canvas body with flowers and the words “The Mystery Machine” in orange-and-black embroidery. The heel logo is in the form of a license plate that reads “SCBYSNK”, which fans will know stands for Scooby Snack.


The other Chuck 70 design sees the whole gang make an appearance. From the front, it looks like you’re wearing a regular pair of Chucks. Once you turn to the side though, passers-by will be in for a treat. Peek inside the shoe and you’ll find a pair of Spooky eyes printed inside. As with the previous sneaker, the heel logo is in the form of a license plate with the letters “SCBYSNK”.

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Id you’d rather see Scooby and friends in Technicolor, these low-top Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers fit the bll. One side of the shoe sees them looking on in excitement, probably on the verge of solving a mystery. The other sees them looking rather rattled, probably when they first catch the episode’s dastardly villains in action. These sneakers have a custom Scooby dog tag lace keeper.


Speaking of dastardly villains, these high-top Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers shine the spotlight on the bad guys too. After all, without them, there’d be no mysteries to solve. You’ll find the Ghost Clown, the Phantom Shadows, The Creeper and more lurking on half of each sneaker, while Scooby and Co. are on the other half. These sneakers also have a custom Scooby dog tag lace keeper.

glow in the dark

The last pair of adult sneakers is a pair of high-top Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. It has images of the gang in the Mystery Machine being chased by ghosts as well as glow-in-the-dark graphics of some of Scooby’s most iconic phrases. Think “Yikes!”, “Zoinks!” and “Ruh-Roh!”

Converse x Scooby Doo Sneakers Will Remind You Of Simpler Times

The Converse x Scooby Doo collection also includes sneakers for kids and toddlers, a hoodie and 3 t-shirts. The items are all sold out on the Converse U.S. site, but will be available via selected European retailers, including Foot Locker, on 16 June 2020. Converse Thailand also posted about the collection on its Instagram account, so we’re hoping this means it will be headed to Asia in the future. In the meantime, you can shop the colourful Comme des Garçons Play Converse sneakers over at Dover Street Market Singapore.

All images courtesy of Converse.

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