Cup Noodle Humidifier 

It is no surprise if you suffer from sinus or a dry throat after staying in air-conditioned indoor spaces for a long time. While air-conditioners are lifesavers for many Singaporeans, owning a humidifier too could help improve the situation.  

For those who are in search of an unconventional humidifier, this cup noodle humidifier might pique your interest. Not only does it help restore the humidity level in the room, but it also acts as an adorable home decor. 

The design

The humidifier is shaped like an actual cup noodle with a detachable flap designed to stay open halfway ‒ similar to those IRL instances when the flap doesn’t stay down after pouring hot water.

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Looking inside, there are motifs of a sunny side up and two slices of kamaboko aka Japanese fish cake, ready to be “eaten”.

Cup Noodle Humidifier  Source

In between the two kamaboko, you’ll find the opening of the humidifier where the mist is released. 


The top portion of the humidifier twists open and below is the storage area for 300ml of water. In case you’re wondering how this humidifier works, it is designed with a removable cotton filter that absorbs water. The water travels up and is then released as “steam” through the opening.

Cup Noodle Humidifier Source

Once its 8 hours battery life runs out, you can charge it via a USB cable that comes along in the package. According to the instructions, a full charge takes about 3 hours. Right above the charging slot, you’ll also locate the power button.


As the humidifier produces only 35DB when switched on, rest assured that you’ll have a good night’s sleep. 

Cup Noodle Humidifier Source

Plus, its small dimension of 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 12.9cm makes it suitable to be placed on your bedside table or office desk ‒ an adorable addition to the overall aesthetic.

Cup Noodle Humidifier Source

If yellow is not your colour, you can also opt for other colour options like pink and navy. 

This Cup Noodle Humidifier Raises The Humidity Level Of Your Room With “Taste” And Style   

As much as we enjoy the cool wind air conditioners provide, it is still important to retain a certain humidity level in the room. You can now purchase this cup noodle humidifier that retails at $15.04 on Shopee

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