Curl Your Hair Without A Hair Curler

Curling your hair can easily jazz up a boring hairstyle into a glam look like Son Ye Jin’s in Crash Landing On You. If your hair is usually flat and lifeless, up your hair game now by experimenting with ways to curl your hair at home, so you can debut your new hairdo at your next 5-friends-only meetup.

While using a hair curler is a quick way to achieve your desired look, the device can be difficult to use and damaging to your hair. Do your hair a favour by skipping the hot iron and going for these 5 creative curling alternatives instead.

1. For voluminous curls using a headband

curl hair (11)

For those with little patience and skills to braid your hair, you can still get luscious curls with this headband curling technique.

curl hair (6)

Step 1: Dampen your locks using a hair mist. In order to curl your hair without heat, having your hair damp helps the waves to form quickly. A hair mist also instantly hydrates and nourishes your hair before it gets twisted and pulled into a tight updo for the curls.

curl hair (7)

Step 2: Put on a headband. Take a portion of hair and twist it. 

curl hair (8)

Step 3: Wrap the twisted hair around your headband, portion by portion. 

curl hair (9)

Step 4: Spritz more of the hair mist over the updo to set your hair. 

Step 5: Once your hair is dry, remove the headband to reveal your voluminous curls.

2. For cascading waves using socks

curl hair (18)

If these neat, cascading waves catch your eye, try this simple hair curling hack using an unconventional household itemsocks.

curl hair (34)

Step 1: Apply a lightweight hair serum on the ends to nourish your hair before you twist it up. This helps to lock in moisture for softer and smoother locks once you’re done.

curl hair (13)

Step 2: Divide your hair into 4 sections. Use a claw clip to attach a sock to a section of your hair. The sock should be almost the same length as your hair.

curl hair (14)

Step 3: From each side of the sock, take a section of hair and wrap around the sock in a criss-cross pattern. Secure the braid at the bottom with a hair tie. Repeat on the rest of your hair. 

curl hair (17)

Step 4: Leave the sock braids overnight, or for a few hours until your hair feels dry. Pull out the sock from the bottom for instant waves.

3. For salon-level curls using a hairdryer

curl hair (41)

Simulate a professional salon curl with this simple hack in the comfort of your own home.

curl hair (38)

Step 1: Air-dry or towel-dry your hair such that your roots are completely dry while the rest of your hair is about 90% dry. Rub a hair oil into the ends of your hair to seal hair cuticles, lock in moisture and, most importantly, protect your hair from the blow-dryer heat later on.

Step 2: Clip up the top ⅔ of your hair, leaving the hair below your ear exposed. 

curl hair (39)

Step 3: Twist the unclipped part of your hair with the hairbrush as you make your way down, while the hairdryer follows behind closely.

Step 4: Once you reach the end of your hair, use your hands to slightly separate the curl for extra fluff and volume in each curl.

curl hair (40)

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 to 4 for the rest of your hair, taking out layers of your hair from the clip as you go along. 

4. For effortlessly tousled locks using a sock bun

curl hair (30)

Whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, this overnight hair curling hack will give you textured curls in the morning so you can confidently claim that “I woke up like this”.

curl hair (25)

Step 1: Take a long sock and cut the tip where your toes usually touch. Roll the sock up into a doughnut shape.

curl hair (36)

Step 2: Wash and towel-dry your hair. Immediately after, use a hair oil on the ends of your hair while avoiding the roots. This helps to prevent your hair from drying out by sealing cuticles and keeping the moisture in.

curl hair (27)

Step 3: When your hair is 70% dry, tie your hair up into a high ponytail. String the sock doughnut through your ponytail and have it rest right where the hair tie is. Section your ponytail into 2 parts if you have long hair, or 3 if your hair is on the shorter side.

sock bun

Step 4: Take one section of your ponytail and wrap it around the sock doughnut.

sock bun 2

Step 5: Repeat for the other sections of hair to form a bun. Leave the bun on overnight. In the morning, slowly unravel the bun to reveal your curls.

5. For 10-minute curled ends using a plastic bottle and hairdryer

curled ends

Save time and effort with this plastic bottle and hairdryer hack for immediate curled ends.

plastic bottle

Step 1: Cut a plastic bottle into half. Using the bottom half, cut out an opening on the side as big as the nozzle of your hairdryer.

hair mist

Step 2: Spritz a hair mist to moisturise and protect hair from heat damage before blow-drying.


Step 3: Take a section of your hair and insert it into the bottle from the top.


Step 4: Fix the hairdryer into the opening at the side and start blow-drying.

Step 5: Remove your hair from the bottle and voila! Curled ends achieved instantly.

Moist Diane Outbath Treatment

Before you get down to trying these techniques, you need to have a solid foundation for your hairstyle. In hot and humid Singapore, the key to attaining perfect curls is keeping your hair healthy and moisturised. This makes it more manageable, allowing you to style it in any way you desire when you curl your hair.  

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Photography by Pichan Dela Cruz Christian.