Diamond Face Mask

It looks like we’ll be wearing masks well into 2021, which may explain why fashion companies have been dropping their own atas takes on the essential gear. You may have seen Louis Vuitton’s US$961 (~S$1,300) monogram face shield or Burberry’s $190 Vintage Check Cotton Face Mask. Neither of those can compete with Jacob & Co.’s Diamond Face Mask, though. 

For those who don’t mind giving up their dream pastel HDB flat or Hello Kitty BTO, the diamond embellished mask costs a hefty US$250,000 (~S$340,491.25), which is about the price of a 4-room BTO flat in Singapore.  

Made with 3,040 diamonds

diamond face mask

The extravagant face mask was designed by Jacob Arabo, founder and chairman of luxury jewellery and watch brand Jacob and Co. It is made of 3,040 round-cut diamonds, which totals over 73 carats.

On top of thousands of diamonds, the mask also consists of white gold links to create a flexible mesh-like covering for your face. It only weighs around 150 grams, so it’s quite light and easy to wear outif you don’t mind the security issues it poses, of course.

diamond face maskSource

Even with the extreme price tag, the mask doesn’t actually act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus. It is meant to be worn over your protective mask instead. Whether that’s a reusable face mask, disposable mask or surgical mask is up to the wearer.

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Not the first diamond-studded mask

diamond face mask yvel

As crazy as it sounds, Jacob and Co.’s Diamond Face Mask isn’t the most expensive face mask in the world. Jewellery company, Yvel, made headlines with its US$1,500,000 (~S$2,043,000) diamond-encrusted mask earlier this year. It’s made of pure 18-karat white gold, over 3,600 black and white diamonds, as well as an N99 filter. The extravagant mask can be used without the wearer buying a separate disposable mask.

Unfortunately (or maybe not), Yvel’s million-dollar mask is not for sale. It was commissioned by a Chinese billionaire from Shanghai, who has been a long-term customer of Yvel. In fact, the company states that “the mask was ordered in an act of financial support to the 150 Yvel employees in Israel and the States, providing them work.”

The Jacob & Co. Diamond Face Mask Is Pretty But Impractical

When it was first launched in August, netizens were divided over the Diamond Face Mask. Some commented about how ignorant and insensitive the product is. Others praised it for how gorgeous it looks. No matter if you hate it or love it, the mask is still up for sale. According to Jacob & Co.’s Facebook post, you can get it from any Jacob & Co. point of sale or contact the brand directly. 

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