Goldheart x Sanrio Collection

Whether it’s kitchenware, food or wearable gadgets, Sanrio-themed items always add a much-needed sweetness to our everyday activities. Goldheart now has its own Sanrio collection which features a range of elegant accessories with Hello Kitty, Little Twin Star and My Melody motifs.

The bracelets and anklets are also worth considering as gifts for your little ones on their birthday or as a Christmas present this year-end. Read on to find out more about the collection. 

The anklets

sanrio goldheart anklet

These gold anklets each come with a bell and Sanrio-themed pendant attached. You can decide between one of the heart-shaped pendants which have either a My Melody or Hello Kitty adornment. Alternatively, you can opt for a star pendant with none other than the Little Twin Star characters, Kiki and Lala, etched into the centre. 

The S-shaped clasps also make it easy to put on, even when your precious one is fussing about. Rest assured that it secures tight, so that it doesn’t fall off and get lost. 

The anklets are priced at $412 each. 

The bracelets

goldheart sanrio bracelet

Available in 3 designs, these unique bracelets each have a message inscribed on the centrepiece. If you’re going to a baby shower, you can consider the “Oh Hello Baby!” Hello Kitty bracelet as a gift option instead of the usual items like toys or clothing. 

Or, for your own kids, consider getting them a “Happy Blessings” Little Twin Stars bracelet or My Melody “Little One!” version as a keepsake that they can hold on to for years to come. The bracelet itself has a tightly wound twisted chain, while the Little Twin Stars version features a series of looped gold hoops attached together. 

The bracelets are priced at $709 each. 

The pendants 

sanrio pendant

The first of the pendants is this My Melody version with a scallop-edged round shape. The design captures My Melody with her bowed-bonnet and teddy bear on the front, while on the back she’s tucked into bed, taking a nap. You can pair the pendant with a chain you already have at home or find one from Goldheart that suits your jewellery taste. 

sanrio pendant

This Little Twin Stars edition of the pendant comes in a simple round shape with Kiki and Lala inscribed on the front and back. The classy yet dainty design allows you to wear the charm around your neck or on a bracelet with almost any outfit. 

sanrio gold

The last of the pendants is in a heart shape, with a scalloped border and bow-shape outlined on the top corner. Baby Hello Kitty can be seen taking a sip from her milk bottle on the front, and on the back, she’s drifting off to sleep with her bunny stuffed toy. 

The pendants are priced at $394 each.

The keychains & gold coins 

Sanrio gold coin

These gold coins are fitting collectables that you can save as a memento for important events in your children’s or niece and nephews lives. All the gold coins can also be kept attached to a keychain that comes along with them. 

The My Melody version has the baby bunny inscribed on the front and a pram with balloons on the back. The keychain has the same design as the coin, but is fully coloured in pastel shades.

Sanrio gold coin

With the same design as the previous one on the back, The Little Twin Stars are etched into the front of this heart-shaped coin. The keychain has a pink checkered heart printed next to Kiki and Lala – hang it on a simple tote to add a little flair. 

Sanrio gold coin

The last of the coins is Hello Kitty-themed in a similar style to the pendant earlier, with the baby cat still sipping on her warm milk. If you’ve been clueless as to what gift to get for a baby, this coin might do the trick as they can keep it till they’re older and, eventually learn about the memories and meaning behind it. 

The coins are priced at $79 each.

This Goldheart x Sanrio Accessories Are Keepsakes Fit For Your Little Ones

We treasure the children in our lives and charms and pendants are a great way to gift them a symbol of our love. 

All the items in the collection are made of 99.9% pure gold. You can purchase the Sanrio x Goldheart items from the Goldheart e-boutique here or from Goldheart physical stores around Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Goldheart.

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