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Sanrio x Goldheart Collection

If you’re a Sanrio fan, you’re probably aware that Goldheart and Sanrio have collaborated on multiple jewellery collections. Their latest range together, however, is not for adults but for the little ones. The Goldheart x Sanrio 999 Gold Baby Collection consists of gold pendants, anklets and coins featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pompompurin as Baby Angels.

On a regular basis, these characters are already adorable. But make it the Baby Angel version of them, and the cuteness is even further off the charts.  

Hello Kitty

sanrio goldheart hello kitty styled shotSource

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Hello Kitty? Start ’em young with the Hello Kitty range. 

Sanrio goldheart hello kitty necklace Source

The simple yet elegant 999 Gold Hello Kitty Baby Pendant (left) sees the baby feline sitting front and centre. The pendant has scalloped edges; look closely and you’ll see the outline is made up of little pairs of wings as a nod to the baby angel’s wings. 

Sanrio goldheart hello kitty ankletSource

The main feature of the 999 Gold Hello Kitty Baby Anklet (right) is an anklet charm that takes the shape of Hello Kitty. It is joined by a charm to represent her iconic bow and a bell. 

The 999 Gold Hello Kitty Baby series retails for $428 (pendant) and $828 (anklet).

My Melody

Sanrio goldheart my melody necklaceSource

The second character in the Sanrio x Goldheart 999 Gold line-up is the lovely bunny with a pink hood covering her ears. The 999 Gold My Melody Baby Pendant is outlined with bows resembling the signature bow that she wears on her head. In the middle lies My Melody baby angel herself, looking adorable in her diapers and wings.   

Sanrio Goldheart My Melody AnkletSource

As for the 999 Gold My Melody Baby Anklet, the baby angel My Melody charm is accompanied by a pacifier charm, which totally fits in with the baby concept, as well as a bell.  

Baby Sanrio goldheart necklaceSource

You can up the cute factor even further by dressing your baby up in bunny headgear, along with the Sanrio x Goldheart accessories.

The 999 Gold My Melody Baby series retails for $428 (pendant) and $728 (anklet).

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sanrio goldheart pompompurin pendantSource

Last but not least, there is Pompompurin, the golden retriever whose trademark accessory is his round brown beret. The 999 Gold Pompompurin Baby Pendant adopts the round shape of his beret. A pair of wings sits at the top of the pendant, while Pompompurin baby angel graces the centre of the pendant. 

Sanrio goldheart pompompurin ankletSource

Similar to the other anklets in this collection, the baby Pompompurin charm attached to the 999 Gold Pompompurin Baby Anklet takes the shape of the lovable Sanrio character. The only difference is that this anklet is embellished with only a bell. 

pompompurin baby ankletSource

If you prefer a more simple design with fewer charms, then this anklet is perfect.

The 999 Gold Pompompurin Baby series retails for $428 (pendant) and $698 (anklet). 



Aside from jewellery pieces, this collection also includes 999 gold coins featuring the Sanrio baby angels. The coins have different phrases such as “Hello Baby!” on them, accompanied by cute designs like pacifiers, stars and cherries. 

pompompurin coinSource

Each coin retails for $88, so why not get the whole set? You can use these gold coins as a fun symbol of good luck while playing card games with your families come Chinese New Year. 



Can we also talk about the packaging in this collection? It is extraordinarily adorbs. Each of the pendants and anklets come in a matching box with a vibrant starry background and colour palette to suit the particular Sanrio character. What makes the whole design even more irresistible is the toys surrounding the characters, all of which have also been customised to suit them. 

The Goldheart x Sanrio Baby Collection Will Make A Great Gift

These pieces will definitely win you brownie points from kids. If you are still unsure of what to get your beloved little ones for their birthday or Christmas, you can consider getting these precious pieces. The entire collection is already available on Goldheart’s website.

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