The Grande Whisky Collection Museum Tour

From happy hour deals to sake bars, alcohol certainly makes our world go round. But as much as we love a cheap pint and a cup of alcoholic bubble tea, it’s fun to step outside our comfort zones occasionally with a classier drink.

The Grande Whisky Collection (TGWC) is a whisky haven located on the fifth level of ION Orchard. It houses over 5,000 bottles of Scotch and Japanese whiskies—one of the largest collections in Southeast Asia.

grande whisky collection vault

As soon as you enter the joint, you’ll be greeted with towering shelves of whisky next to a massive crystal chandelier.

Museum tour

grande whisky collection museum tour

If you want to impress your date, take him or her on a whisky tour, which will be guided by TGWC’s Master Whisky Ambassador.

Behind the heavy doors of the vault (yes, an actual vault) lies a maze of fine and rare whiskies. During the 60-minute tour, you’ll be provided with nuggets of trivia and a crash course in whisky history. If you’re not a whisky expert, the tour will probably turn you into one by the end of it.

Each tour group is capped at 10 pax for an intimate experience. You can also request for the tour to be conducted in Mandarin too.

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Three whisky tastings

grande whisky collection tastings

After a comprehensive museum tour, you’ll be led out of the vault for 3 different whisky tastings. The soothing warmth and buzz whisky brings is unlike any other alcohol—something you’ll get acquainted with when you sample the whiskies.

The Grande Whisky Collection Museum Tour

To get to The Grande Whisky Collection, head up to level 4 of ION Orchard and take the escalator one level up to the carpark. You’ll spot The Grande Whisky Collection’s large signboard and can embark on your whisky journey.

If you’d like to purchase tickets for a guided museum tour at $79, visit The Grande Whisky Collection’s website.

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