Kakao Friends Sandwich Makers & Multi-Cookers

When we think of Kakao Friends, a few things would usually come to mind, such as the iconic Ryan character, but not many of us are familiar with Ryan’s cat, Chun Sik. 

Since its first appearance in 2020, Chun Sik has gained a pretty loyal following with its own merchandise like baby pillows and mouse pads. This time, all fans of Chun Sik can look forward to enjoying their fair share of carbs with these cooking appliances.

The appliances

Kakao Friends Sandwich Makers & Multi-Cookers

Make yourself a sandwich and admire the cute imprints of Chun Sik on your bread. With its simple yet detailed designs, this sandwich maker lets you flaunt your love for the character while you chow down on your lunch.

Kakao Friends Sandwich Makers & Multi-Cookers

Its orange-yellow colour, accompanied by the print of Chun Sik’s face on the appliance, is worth gushing over. Carry this sandwich maker around using the synthetic leather handle and bring it along on picnic dates with your BFFs so you can have your sandwiches fresh and hot.

It even has a latch for you to press it shut, so you can have evenly toasted sammies or mini pancakes.

Kakao Friends Sandwich Makers & Multi-Cookers

The sandwich maker comes with 2 moulds — one for your regular sandwich bread and the other for when you want to be experimental and make some Chun Sik-shaped pancakes. Impress your loved ones with a handmade snack, and brighten up their day with this cute character.

And for those who don’t know how to prepare the pancake mix, the set also comes with a recipe book to guide you along.

Kakao Friends Sandwich Makers & Multi-Cookers

Though this may seem like a regular multi-cooker, its compact size makes it perfect for solo supper adventures. Like the sandwich maker, this orange-yellow multi-cooker features Chun Sik’s face as the main point of attention.

You can adjust the temperature, available in 2 settings, by turning the power knob, giving you control over how hot you want the cooker to be.

With the settings available, you can use this multi-cooker to make instant noodles, make soups, stir-fry a dish, and even steam rice in it.

After you’re done cooking, the heat-safe handle means you’ll be able to bring it anywhere you like to savour the dish.

These Kakao Friends Sandwich Makers & Multi-Cookers Are Perfect For Homebodies

If you aren’t familiar with Chun Sik, it’s time for you to embrace the relatively new character. Here’s a fun fact to add to your Kakao Friends trivia: Chun Sik is a stray female cat who enjoys snacking on sweet potatoes.

Unfortunately, the sandwich maker and multi-cooker can only be shipped domestically in South Korea, but freight forwarding services are available so that you can add them to your kitchen counter.

All images courtesy of Kakao Friends.

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