Line Friends Collapsible Kettle 

Brown and Sally have become familiar faces that brighten up our days. They keep us company on camping days out and cosy nights in – and now, they’ll also be around when you need your quick fix of coffee or tea. 

This Line Friends collapsible kettle comes in a size compact enough to throw into a bag. And, when you’re craving something to sip on, you can open it up, boil water and prep your drink right on the spot. 

The kettle 

brown and sally

The kettle, or portable flask, comes in 2 different designs, with Sally The Duck or Brown The Bear’s face printed on the top of the cover. When fully compacted, the kettle becomes small enough to carry out without adding extra bulk to your belongings. 

electric flask

To use it, simply fill the unfolded flask with water, press the button and sit back and watch the magic happen – a couple of minutes later you’ll have enough hot water to make 1 or 2 cups of tea. 

As an added feature, there’s even a spout on the top so that when you pour out the hot water, the chances of it spilling are slim to none. 

line friends kettle

For added safety, there are 2 tabs near the top of the kettle that pull out and function as a handle when you need to transfer the piping hot water. 

If you’re out and have nowhere to mix your drinks, there’s also a foldable cup included that fits conveniently into the kettle when fully compacted. 

line friends

The kettle’s size makes it a worthy travel companion for staycays or out-of-office meetings – basically whenever you want to enjoy a warm bevvy, on the fly. 

The Line Friends collapsible kettle is priced between $58 – $59.90, depending on which site it’s ordered from. 

This Line Friends Collapsible Kettle Will Ensure You Can Get The Brew You Need Anywhere

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or for your own use, this kettle will surely make your day just a little more heated. The Line Friends collapsible kettle can be found on Shopee or Lazada, both of which ship to Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Joy Buy.

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