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LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné Collection 

From their mosquito lamps to bakeware, LINE FRIENDS’ endless supply of lifestyle items are the epitome of kawaii. The brand is showing no signs of stopping either – I mean, why would they?. Recently, they’ve teamed up with Japanese-French fashion label Maison Kitsuné. The LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné collection features a range of apparel and lifestyle accessories like stationary and phone cases full of serotonin-boosting cuteness. 

The collection 


The LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné collection sees the union of two beloved characters: LINE FRIENDS’ Brown and Maison Kitsuné’s mythical fox. 

Offering utility on top of cuteness, with items ranging from T-shirts to stationary, there’ll certainly be something useful for you.

Apparel and accessories 


Apparel and accessories available in the collection include T-shirts, tote bags and sweatshirts. Of course, all of them prominently feature Brown and his new fox best friend.

Line Friends Maison Kitsuné T-shirts


You can choose from a total of 5 T-shirt designs, each available in multiple colourways. Keep it simple with a dark-coloured logo T-shirt or rep the 2 brands prominently with the yellow graphic printed one. 

Each adult-sized T-shirt retails for US$105 (~S$142.16). Child-sized T-shirts retail for US$55 (~S$74.46). 


On the days where you’re blasting the A/C while you work from home, cosy up with the LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné sweatshirts. They are available in 3 designs, all of which are featured in the T-shirts as well. 

Each sweatshirt can be copped for US$205 (~S$277.54) for adults and US$100 (~S$135.39).

Line Friends Maison Kitsuné Tote Bag


Green warriors can cop the tote bags for their BYO shopping bag needs. They sport two different designs with one of the prints featuring Brown with a boombox and the fox skateboarding.

The mini canvas tote can be purchased for US$50 (~S$67.69) and US$70 (~S$94.77) for the regular-sized one. 

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Phone and Airpods cases 

Line Friends Maison Kitsuné Phone Cases


Sorry Android users, you guys will have to FOMO a bit for this collection. You can go two routes with the iPhone cases. Minimalists can opt for the black case while those into spicing up their mirror selfie game can pick the bright yellow. 

Each phone case costs US$40 (~S$54.16).

Line Friends Maison Kitsuné AirPods Cases


Shaped in the heads of Brown and Maison Kitsuné, these cases will not only keep your precious Airpods safe, they’ll also act as desktop decoration. Bonus points for being equipped with a carabiner for extra portability. 

Each Airpods case retails for US$25 (~S$33.85).

Other merch 


If you’re on the search for matching couple mugs with boo, look no further. The LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné collection mugs are sold in sets of 2. On the back of the mugs, an adorable typography logo of Maison Kitsuné’s brand name is printed.

The mug set is available for US$40 (~S$54.16).


As the saying goes: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné stationary set comes with a hardcover planner, 2 pens and a set of stickers. Now, with how cute these are, you have no more excuse not to get your affairs in order. 

This stationary set retails for US$30 (~S$40.62). 

Line Friends Maison Kitsuné Plushies


Rounding out the collection are the Maison Kitsuné and Brown plushies. These adorable soft toys prove are also absolute #BFFgoals. Honestly, find yourself a pal that’ll wear a sweater with your face on it – just like these new besties 

The plush set is available for US$70 (~S$94.77).

The LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné Collection Is A Treat For Fans Of Both Brands

To find out more about the LINE FRIENDS x Maison Kitsuné collection, you can check out the LINE FRIENDS or Maison Kitsuné online stores. For those who want to get their hands on the items, you can place your order via the LINE FRIENDS U.S. online store as they offer international shipping to Singapore. 

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