Little Twin Stars EZ-Link Charm

A regular EZ-Link card nowadays just seems a little plain and boring. So instead, you cant opt for an EZ-Link charm that’ll make your commutes both interesting and easy.

This Little Twin Stars EZ-Link charm is not only an adorable keychain to add to your bag but also has a little surprise feature whenever you tap out. Read on to find out more about the charm. 

The device 


Shaped in a heart and coloured purple, the charm has the two twin stars Kiki and Lala printed on the front. The EZ-Link charm itself comes with an elastic strap so you can easily attach it to your bag, wallet or even laptop case and conveniently tap in or out. 

And whenever you do use the charm, the little wand in Kiki’s hand lights up and glows in a soft yellow – a good way to ensure you never forget to tap out when alighting the bus. 


With the charm, you’ll now have a reason to smile before hopping onto a crowded train or bus on the way to work. The charms can be purchased from select Challenger stores around Singapore and are priced at $16.90 each. 

The Little Twin Stars EZ-Link Charm Will Light Up Your Morning Commutes 

If your mornings have been feeling dull, this Little Twin Stars EZ-Link charm will give you a reason to rush out of the house for your bus or train ride. Alternatively, you can also check out these We Bare Bears EZ-Link cards if you want another uniquely designed option to spice up your public transport journeys. 

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